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She doesn't look that skinny
She doesn't look that skinny
Journal La Frontiere

For a few years now, the Humane Society International (HSI) has accompanied the Mtl spca and MAPAQ in seizing and disposing of both cats and dogs. We do not know in what capacity but they are very rich and they supply equipments like trucks, carriers and emergency shelter and personnel to operate same.

So I was not very surprised to read that at the end of October they went all the way to LaSarre, Abitibi to seize 80 (?) dogs living on a rural property.

The press release read: Ewa Demianowicz, campaigner for HSI/Canada, said: “It was devastating to witness the terrible conditions in which these dogs were kept for so long. The dogs were seriously emaciated and had clearly been denied proper access to food and water. Several dogs also have serious skin problems. The dogs were housed outside, some of them with no shelter and many roaming around the unfenced premises. With cold temperatures fast approaching, many of these dogs may not have survived much longer.”

At the end of November, it was our cats' turn to be seized ; they counted also 80 and the press release read exactly the same thing: Ewa Demianowicz, campaign manager for HSI/Canada, said: "This is a tragic situation and it was devastating to witness the conditions in which these cats were forced to live for so long. The cats appeared to have been denied even the most basic care. Many were visibly sick; and for the most part they were kept in substandard conditions. Thankfully, these desperate animals are now receiving the care and attention they deserve.”

In both cases, the description of the situation was not adequate and the campaign manager certainly did not know the first thing about rescues and the work they are doing in Québec.

Just examine the pictures they provided with their press releases and you will see that the animals were not in such a bad shape. The dogs looked vigorous and healthty and as for our cats, they were also in good shape. Ewa has no idea for how long the dogs had been there and for huskies, being in the snow has nothing inhumane provided they are well fed and it seems that was the case.

Ever since I compared both events, I wonder what is the HSI's agenda in Québec. Cats don't sell very well either in Québec or NY but the dogs and puppies might bring something. As for the big seizure last year, after the dogs were surrendered to MAPAQ, they simply disappeared. A few were put on sale at the Mtl spca from what I heard but where did the rest go ? There were at least close to 500. C'est du chien, ça, monsieur.

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