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The Cooper Kids...Indiana Jones style

The Cooper Kids Series 1-4
The Cooper Kids Series 1-4

With sound values and stick to your seat, intense adventure stories, The Cooper Kids series by Frank Peretti  grabs hold of kids' as well as the older teens' attention. The 'Indiana -style' first four in the series include: The Door in the Dragon's Throat ,Escape from the Island of Aquarius, The Tombs of Anak, and Trapped at the Bottom of the Sea.

Jay and Lila, and their father, archaeologist Dr. Jake Cooper continually face foes bent on destruction. The teens' excavations and travels take them to foreign lands. There, they unearth ancient legends, unmask evil superstitions, confront strange customs, and battle angry terrorists. Whether struggling against demonic forces, giants, cultists, or communist-inspired forces, the production is always poignant enough to keep the adrenaline flowing.

Peretti's ability to weave spiritual warfare and prayer into imaginative tales is reminiscent to his many adult-aimed novels. Throughout the series, messages of faith, love, and endurance are qualities that the Cooper family display even in the most dire situations.  Always wonderful stories to be either read alone by your "tween" child, out loud at night as a bedtime story, (a little scary at times) or as part of a Bible/History curriculum for homeschoolers.