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The contradiction of medical marijuana legalization and prosecution

As we look to medical marijuana being on the ballot for legalization in Florida come November, we must realize the unjust reality of it's 'legality' as a whole. The case of Robert Duncan will be a case for the many voiceless to the system, struggling with unfair, non-violent yet 'illegal' actions, sentences and punishments of growing in legal medical marijuana clinics. Steve was indicted two years ago, with marijuana being legal, medically now for 17 years in CA where he grew, however the issue is that federal law still exists with it as a Schedule I Narcotic and illegal to possess, grow, etc. on the federal level. So, there seems to be an issue of contradiction as we move to all states' legalization.

Polls show, Americans want medical marijuana and some states have legalized marijuana, but only at that-the state level. The DEA or an Executive Order by President Barack Obama could lift the classification of marijuana, and the federal ban could be lifted. It would only make sense. We as taxpayers and citizens would save, in the case of Robert Duncan, $100,000 on imprisonment costs alone. That is for the 2 year term he was sentenced for 2 years ago, then add the costs of his four year probation afterwards.

He was charged with Manufacturing Marijuana and could have faced 10 years prison time. The federal felony will remain on his record for 10 years after his release and completion of probation. There is no need to imprison Robert Duncan, nor anyone like him. President Obama, I recall stated that marijuana was not any worse than alcohol. He also stated that he would use his pen for any actions. Does not the U.S. government work for the people? If still yes, they (the people) are speaking on legalization.

Why the resistance with it's legalization? Is it the money that non-violent drug offenders make for the prisons, occupying beds? Is it the failed 'War On Drugs' should continue? Is it a money maker for some other entity/persons? The state of CA, where this takes place is at a 130% cap as to prison population, according to HuffPost Live, as well cited to say this shows 'how unreasonable' our 'government and police are.'


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