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The continuing Radioshack/Netflix debacle

Will Radioshack come through with the Netflix promotion?
Will Radioshack come through with the Netflix promotion?
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

This week is the first week of Radioshack's free 6 months of Netflix promotion. In case you missed it, this promotion has been marred by everything from non-working redemption sites to felony level theft of services. Here is a recap of the main points:

  • Any purchase of a phone, tablet, laptop at Radioshack would give a code good for 6 months of Netflix service, this promo began on Sunday, February 23rd.
  • The initial code was redeemed at ThePromoCard. Calling it a website in training would be a great compliment. 48 hours later, users would receive the redeemable Netlifx subscription code.
  • Sometime after the promo went live, members at SlickDeals figured out how to get the subscription codes without having receipt codes using a simple website hack, resulting in stolen Netflix codes. Some users were able to steal decades of Netflix service

The full article outlining what happened can be seen here.

Since this fiasco of a promotion began at the beginning of this week, it would be fair to assume that a large, national corporation would have correctly addressed the issue and ironed out the details. Instead, there is still massive confusion within Radioshack stores, with customer support, and with angry consumers who have not received what was promised. Here are some of the continuing highlights:

  • Many of the online orders that initially qualified for the promotion under the original terms have been delivered, and many individuals have not yet received the emailed Netflix codes.
  • In store situations have varied by location. Some customers have shared that they were able to purchase an eligible phone of any price and receive the code on their receipt, even though the terms online have changed to require a $30 device purchase. I physically went into a Radioshack in Minnesota, and they had a sign stating that phones qualifying for the Netlifx code must be activated in store, but no minimum order amount was posted. Still other stores may have different rules in place.
  • Online customers have been given the corporate cop out by customer support. Many have been told they will receive codes within 48 hours, but this is well after the initial promotion that was supposed to be fulfilled within two days already.
  • Radioshack still hilariously refuses to acknowledge any issue. A quick look at their Facebook page shows that they have resorted to putting fingers in their ears and continuing to make marketing noise. They have posted more promotional shares, but no information on the offer or issues with it. However, a glance at the recent user posts and comments shows that customers are looking for their Netflix codes or answers to this issue.

Thousands of consumers are still left out by this promotion, and I find it impossible to believe that Radioshack still has not released any information at a company-wide level. The best part is that this promotion is scheduled to go until March 22nd, even though it has barely limped over the finish line of its first week. Hopefully the issue will be resolved, until then I will apparently be your only source for news on this issue.

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