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The Continued Rise of Private Tuition

Private Tuition
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It has now almost become an accepted truism that in order to achieve your full academic potential, or succeed where your peers struggle or fail, private tuition can motivate and educate willing students.

With the number of tutors said to outnumber teachers in the UK, as well as around 70% of all children taking a Common Entrance exam are in some form of private tuition and in the region of 50% of London based students also benefiting from supplementary education, it is undeniable that personal tuition is a business that is on the up and up.

The lack of places at a selective school and the rise in university tuition fees – driving competition for places in top universities grow to new levels – have only served to boost an already surging business in one-on-one tutoring.

The benefits of private tuition to a pupil’s learning, as well as the springboard it provides for academic successes, are well documented. Given the opportunity to choose a personal tutor, with whom a student feels comfortable and who takes them through a tailored programme of one-to-one tuition at their own pace, in addition to the confidence gained as grades and subject understanding improves, it is easy to see why private tuition has experienced such a boon.

The continued rise of the industry has not just been restricted to the UK either, with significant increases in additional learning experienced in nations culturally and economically varied as Japan, Turkey, South Africa, Russia, China and many parts of the Middle East.

With this international expansion, many UK based tutoring agencies have begun offering their services to clients a little further afield. Fleet Tutors, one of the UK’s leading tuition networks, offer a variety of services for their international clients, such as online tutoring via Skype and Interactive white board, as well as providing a number of residential tutors who stay with a family, providing supplementary education to the student’s needs.

Private tuition clearly shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.