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The continuation of First Things First - a series for special needs parents


(Photo: Compliments of Chynna Laird)

In the continuation of First Things First, a new writing series put together by Hartley Steiner (of Hartley’s Life With 3 Boys), Chynna Laird of Lily Wolf Words has written a thoughtful piece on the importance of maintaining a cohesive, united and caring relationship with your spouse.

To read this contribution, including the story on the beginning of their journey and "The Vows of Special Needs Parents", click here.

The First Things First series reminds us that no matter how subtle or drastic, we must each take care of ourselves FIRST.  You will continue to find contributions from:

Marla Roth-Fisch ~ author of Sensitive Sam
Jennie Linthorst ~ Poet, and mom to Graham from Autistic Like: Graham's Story
Chynna Laird ~ author of Not Just Spirited: A Mom's Sensational Journey With SPD
Carrie Fannin ~ Owner of Sensory Planet
Diane Renna ~ author of Meghan's World
Gavin Bollard ~ blogger at Life With Aspergers
Cat Lichtenbelt ~ guest author at Five Hens
Amy Sherridan ~ blogger at Asperger Ninja
Leslie O'Donnell ~ writer at
Mia Hysteria ~ blogger at General Hysteria and writer at

You can read the contributions at: Hartley’s Life With 3 Boys or at any of the above listed blogs.

Do you have an article idea, a resource or other information you’d like to share with the special needs community?  Email me at GinaStAubin (at) comcast (dot) net.


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