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The consumer is blinded to the reality of what is the real cost of being insured

How is the consumer benefiting?
How is the consumer benefiting?
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When Obamacare was first introduced, the agents future was very uncertain. Now four years later and seeing the profits generated in the insurance industry, everyone who is licensed is becoming certified by the government to share in the profits.

So the goal rush is here, so everyone wants a piece of it and a wave of new millionaire now exist from Obamacare. The gold is not in the enrollment although it does generate millions, its in the database of new customers and the future potiential sales that exist for the insurance industry with Obamacare.

The opportunity exist for the insurance industry, but what about the consumer? All indications are the consumers are blinded by the low cost due to the federal subsidies, and are not fully aware that the cost of insurance has not changed and increasing. The insurance industry pricing are fixed. Therefore, are simularly priced by all carrier . So the competitive pricing promised does not really exist.

So as the industry and its representatives earn million due to the mandate and high premiums, the consumer is blinded to the reality of what is the real cost of being insured.