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The Constitution And Guns

The Constitution And Guns
The Constitution And

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the people of the United States the right to bear arms. Now there have been arguments over the years about the soundness of this right. It has been fought in the federal and state courts and some feel their rights have been infringed upon over the years.

Now growing up in Tampa, Florida and having a father who owned and operated a Gun parts business I can say that I grew up with guns. I was shooting guns at the age of five. My father was right there with his body around mine but I was the one who pulled the trigger. I grew up going to gun shows literally all over the country. I saw many a person that you really wondered if they should own a gun let alone even drive a car. Both can kill if you get my point.

I remember when the three day waiting period was brought into the state of Florida. Most thought this would put an end to Gun Shows and individual rights. We still can go buy guns and for most people it was just a mere inconvenience. Do I believe in the right to bear arms for individual citizens? Yes, I do. Do I feel that a person with a Felony on his or her background should be allowed to own a gun? Only in some cases. I have no problem with individuals wanting to own semi automatic weapons. I have some concerns with individuals owning automatic weapons. Most ordinary citizens have no reason to own automatic weapons. What are they planning on doing, robbing a bank? Are you gonna be Rambo and take out an army? Not hardly. If you say you want to take it hunting then your just sick and that speaks of unsportsmanlike conduct to the animal. There has to be a line drawn somewhere. If by chance as an individual you have to own that automatic weapon then I feel you should pass the background check just a little better than most.

Look I love guns. I love to shoot. There are though just too many crazies out there and we have to make sure they don't get weapons in their hands. It's time for some work to be done to make sure our children as well as the population in general should feel just a little more comfortable in their every day existence. Think positive and act accordingly and by all means think safety. Go enjoy your second amendment right.