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The Conservative View

In the age of Tea Party influence and indifference where conservative values have taken on a whole different context it is quite understandable that the Republican party has for the most part become two distinct entities with neither one capable of uniting into one unified party let alone unifying a nation. For the Republican Party to succeed not only in this November’s midterm elections but the White House in 2016 one thing is clear superior ideas must be a top priority. Something that has been completely lacking for over a half a century. Make no mistake if the Republicans intend on capturing the electorate with over 60% of registered voters they must realigned themselves with ideals that will in fact not only appeal to the majority of Americans but actually point a way toward diminishing the income disparity gap and paving a way for solid economic growth and prosperity for the 99%.

Too much of the rhetoric spewing from the frosty mouths of Tea Party enthusiasts are very reminiscent of Cold War tactics that have done more harm and only continued to further annihilate voters. When we add the recent Supreme Court decisions on PAC money and its influence in campaigns has only exasperated the on going animosity between the Republicans and everybody else. When elections are now being brought and paid for by special interest groups and mega corporations leaves the majority, that's us the 99%, unable to be represented at all. So much for a government of the people and by the people. We have now entered an era of Corporate benefactors in which the beneficiaries are the 1% leaving a total void of representative government of the 99%.

For the past 14 years we have seen the GOP oppose every political and economic idea that the Democrats or anybody else have proposed. They have yet to offer an effective alternative and have not even considered any sort of compromise. It’s bad enough that the GOP oppose every political and economic idea that the Democrats propose but, when the "My way or the highway rational of the past continues it festers more and more resentment toward the political process that has really come to an impasse. As a result what we have been witness to for the past six years or more is a complete failure of our democratic process, a nation so divided, and a political climate ripe with corruption.

What the Republicans must do is to propose policies in a straightforward manner with explanations as to why they make sense and prove how they will effectively be implemented to benefit all Americans. We have to go back to the Presidential campaign of 1992 when Ross Perot effectively went on national television and lectured the American public on the steps to reduce the nations debt. Effective, yes, because it clearly pointed out how education in a larger context of national television where a greater audience was able to be exposed to the facts and solutions concerning one of this nations most pressing concerns.

With so much talk of late about reforming the tax structure is a good place to start for the Republican party to put together important and relevant policy decisions. When Steve Forbes first mentioned a flat tax more the 20 years ago that idea was never fully explained in detail how it would distinguish itself in relationship to the complex antiquated tax system we still have today. But, even before Steve Forbes Milton Friedman laid the groundwork for a 23.5% flat rate income tax. Soon there were others promoting similar flat rate tax systems. It seems that every political cycle there are those who favor a flat rat tax. Unfortunately, that is where the Republican party has always fallen short. Division within has always managed to stymie any sort of forward progress in gaining national support for a fair equitable tax system to replace our current most inept one.

Ironically, the flat tax today has been gaining more traction in other countries most notably China. This is as good place as any for the Republican party to come together and unite behind a flat tax rate of 20%, and limit the number of personal exemptions. The strong selling point to voters would be a low single tax rate. The problem has always been that the more they add deductions and exemptions the more the Republican party is perceived as being greedier. With emphases on the lower and middle income Americans this flat rate tax would effectively remove them from the tax rolls. They should also point out that a flat rate would be a far fairer system. It would abolish income taxes for low income people by providing a generous personal exemption. The other strong selling point of a flat tax is the fact that it would simplify the tax code, increase the take home pay of workers, and aid people of all income levels.

When there are so many states now increasing the minimum wage this flat rate tax would be an effective tool to curb the states enthusiasm for increasing the minimum wage to the point of extremes. We know for a fact that any substantial increase to the minimum wage also increases the cost to consumers of just about everything we need to by. By ushering in a flat tax of 20% would go a long way toward economic stability, improve the Republicans image and increase the size of every workers wallet.

If the Republican party can get their act together and unite behind a tax revolution of a flat tax just think of the perception by the people. This would be one of many giant steps that the Republican Party must take. A party that has for far too long been associated with big money and it's influence where the majority of Americas have always lost out. This first step would be the best way to shake the image of party of the rich into a party that is genuinely concerned about the future financial security of the United States.