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The conservative principles you and I believe in...

An open letter to Karl Rove about "conservative principles"
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I think the Republican leadership takes us for granted as conservative or TEA party oriented voters as the Democrat Party takes for granted they keep getting 90 percent of the African-American vote without ever doing anything to work in their economic interests or otherwise. The GOP wants our votes and won't do much more for us either. The latest fundraising letter, from Karl Rove, on behalf of the National Republican Congressional Committee, is more proof of this.

Rove begins the letter saying, “The conservative principles you and I believe in are in danger.” Like Karl Rove believes in any conservative principles since he's become as big time a RINO as Nancy Pelosi is a progressive far left liberal. What conservative princples could Karl Rove be talking about?

Would those be the “conservative principles” that GOP leadership showed in 2010 when they supported Charlie Crist in Florida over Marco Rubio before Crist figured out he was losing to Rubio and dropped out of the race for the GOP nomination to run as an independent for that U.S. Senate seat instead? Remember Karl, that is the same opportunist and political chameleon Charlie Crist that is running for governor in Florida this year as a Democrat. Would Crist as a Democrat be espousing the “conservative principles” you speak about?

Would those be the same “conservative principles” by which the Republican leadership endorsed moderate candidates running against Rand Paul and Ted Cruz in their runs for the U.S. Senate?

Would those be the same “conservative principles” which lead to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove declaring war on, and vowing to defeat every TEA party backed Republican who challenged an incumbent Republican office-holder in primaries this year for straying way too far from real conservative principles? Would those be the same “conservative principles” which caused some Republicans to more viciously attack TEA party-backed conservative candidates than they do liberal Democrats?

What about the defeat of Eric Cantor in Virginia this year in his primary? Who supported “conservative principles” when they ran those laughable attack ads, and gave Eric Cantor money for them, that called challenger Dave Brat “a liberal college professor?” When you get so desperate to call the far more conservative candidate in the race a “liberal college professor” you certainly are adhering to “conservative principles” and I have to wonder exactly what kind of funny stuff you've been smoking.

Then there's the political mess in Mississippi over the GOP nomination for that U.S. Senate seat. Practicing those same “conservative principles” lead to Karl Rove and the rest of the GOP political estabishment to get behind that tired old been there way too long Senator Thad Cochran. And look at the “conservative principles” his campaign practiced when they smeared TEA party-backed Republican State Senator Chris McDaniel as a racist who wanted to prevent African-American voters from casting their ballots and if elected would roll back civil rights 50 years and all kinds of other dishonest propaganda that sounded exactly like the racist lies that progressive liberal Democrats from the far left say about conservatives. That is “conservative principles” when you slam a good Republican candidate with the same kind of racist lies and garbage that the left uses to slam our candidates? And then those “conservative principles” really showed when the Thad Cochran campaign spends tens of thousands to hire a corrupt liberal Democrat campaign consultant out of Atlanta, Georgia to run those racist and dishonest robocalls in the African-American voting districts scaring voters there into voting for Cochran in the primary based on lies about McDaniel.

The GOP leadership takes us for granted, after they lie about our candidates and abuse them, and engage in sleazy dirtbag political tactics to win primaries at all cost, and at the cost of what little integrity they have left, and then they send us emails soliciting for donations, tell us that the “conservative principles” we believe in our in danger. The Republican leadership has no business declaring “conservative principles” in danger because they abandoned real conservative principles long ago. And to think, they have the audacity to talk about “conservative principles” only for the purpose of asking me to send them a donation during election season when any other time they could care less about true conservative principles.

Take your solicitation for donations, Karl Rove, and shove it. When you actually LEARN what conservative principles are and show me you can practice them, and stop bashing TEA party candidates and real conservatives like Ted Cruz, then you can get back to me and suggest I sent you a few bucks. Until then, Karl, here's a quarter. Go buy yourself a clue.

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