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Cat that spent winter outside
Sabrina Boucher

With the illegal seizure of the cats at Operation Felix last November, a defamation campaign started against me on social media having as a consequence that the rescues just dwindled and strays in greater Montreal suffered greatly this winter.

Having been a leader in educating rescues in how to create colonies and manage them, organizing low cost sterilizations and guiding the rescues how to minimize the vets costs, they spiraled since I am not there anymore. I am proud of what I did so far and nobody can take that away from me. I am not used to put myself in the light but the consequences of that defamation have been so great on the stray cat population that I have to take charge again.

Most of the unscrupulous personages did not know me personally and never entered the shelter to help or examine the cats. That is not acceptable from people who claim to love animals. Their comments to ruin my reputation were completely gratuitous and false since they knew nothing and relied solely on a false profile put on FB by a disgruntled volunteer. They are simply disgusting. That reminds me of stupid comments I sometimes read at the end of animal articles on the net. No wonder that harassed people sometimes go as far as to kill themselves following such a defamation campaign. Cyberdefamation can hurt people AND animals.

NO thanks to animal control and HSI, we now have to reconstruct the whole network of volunteers, open another shelter and recuperate our cats. Which is not easy. But the stray cats will need all the help they can get to stop their suffering. All cannot find a warm home but colonies have been known to help them survive in our harsh environment.

Funds are not readily available and especially not from the city or provincial governments. The cats are counting on each and everyone of you. If you can donate, please go to Operation Felix Facebook page for the links. If you prefer sending a cheque, make it to Lost and Found Pet Network (that is the charitable org in charge of the shelter a tax receipt can be sent) P.O. Box 89057, Laval, H7W 5K1. Thank you.

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