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The consensual relationship of Alix Tichelman and Forrest Hayes, court docs

Court documents reveal that Alix Tichelman, faces 5 counts of felony charges, 3 counts of misdemeanors regarding the death of Forrest Hayes.
Court documents reveal that Alix Tichelman, faces 5 counts of felony charges, 3 counts of misdemeanors regarding the death of Forrest Hayes.
Tichelman via Facebook

The case against 26-year-old Alix Tichelman, accused call girl killer of 51-year-old Google executive Forrest Hayes, is weakening by the day. Alix Tichelman appeared before the Santa Cruz, California Superior Court yesterday to hear the charges the State had against her regarding the death of Forrest Hayes that occurred in Santa Cruz, California, on the evening of November 23 of last year. The death of Forrest Hayes has been listed as an accidental overdose of heroin by the Medical Examiner's office, but until yesterday, the State was hoping to pursue second degree murder charges against Alix Tichelman. After the arraignment for Alix Tichelman July 16, Alix is facing charges in 8 counts of criminal activity, with 5 of those charges being felonies, and 3 being misdemeanors according to NBC News July 16. Alix Tichelman has pled not guilty to all charges. NBC News is also reporting that the lawyer to the Tichelman family is concurring with Alix's plea, telling reporters that Forrest Hayes "encouraged" drug use on the night in question, and that Alix Tichelman had not motive or intent to kill Forrest Hayes.

The documents outlining the 8 counts against Alix Tichelman chronicle a series of 8 charges that range from manslaughter to misdemeanor prostitution charges, according to NBC News. The most serious of the charges is felony manslaughter, but even this charge has been downgraded from what prosecutors were hoping to pin on Alix Tichelman which was second degree murder.

According to court documents obtained by the Toronto Relationships Examiner, in the charges of manslaughter, even the State acknowledges that Alix Tichelman did "unlawfully and without malice kill Forrest Hayes." The second felony that Alix is being charged with is the felony of "Administering or giving away a controlled substance, a violation of the Health and Safety Code."

If she is found guilty of this Health Code violation, she will be required to register with the police chief's in the cities she lives in or moves to within the State of California upon her release from jail. The remaining two felonies Alix is charged with are in relation to drug charges. The first is for the possession of a controlled substance on the night in question. The other two felony drug charges are in relation to drug charges she incurred on the evening of her arrest, July 3.

The transportation of drugs from Sacramento County into Santa Cruz on the night that Alix Tichelman was arrested is one of the felony drug charges. In addition Alix Tichelman was found with a "fully loaded" heroin needle on the night of her arrest, according to police. The misdemeanor charges are prostitution charges, one for the night in question where Forrest Hayes died, and the other for the night that Alix was arrested.

NBC News reports that police lured her to Santa Cruz on the night of her arrest with the promise of a lucrative prostitution gig that would secure her a $1500 income for the night. They did so as a means of getting her in the area in order to detain her in relation to the death of Forrest Hayes. It will be interesting to see if law enforcement mentioned drugs in their correspondence with Alix Tichelman as a means of luring her from Sacramento to Santa Cruz, as that might qualify as entrapment under California law.

The same applies to her misdemeanor prostitution charges on the night of her arrest. Under the California Penal Code entrapment occurs when a law enforcement officer or government official pressures, harasses, or commits fraud in a manner that leads someone else to commit a crime.

A case for entrapment is even stronger in the state of California when the law enforcement or government official offers something in exchange for the criminal act in order to make the act appear more appealing. Something like, a $1500 income proposition might qualify under those rules.

All of these charges are the efforts of the State and law enforcement in Santa Cruz, California, to pin the death of Forrest Hayes on a 26-year-old girl. The police have in fact been trying to pin it on her since the beginning. Her first bond paperwork following her arrest listed the death as a "homicide", but yet, the ME (Medical Examiner), had already listed the death of Forrest Hayes as an accidental overdose.

This girl has been vilified and "slutshamed" in the press as a scumbag, a low life, and a callous cold-blooded killer. As is seen after yesterday's arraignment, the case against Alix Tichelman as a cold blooded killer is waning.

Law enforcement in this case, specifically Santa Cruz Police Chief Steve Clark has alleged that there is a video of the night that Forrest Hayes died that shows Alix Tichelman to be responsible for his death. Police allege that this video shows Alix injecting Forrest Hayes with a lethal dose of heroin, and then "callously" walking over his body multiple times, once to finish a glass of wine, another to pull down a blind before leaving.

Shame on her as well according to the police, for pulling down a blind before she left. The issue of the blind that she reportedly pulled down has been misconstrued as well, with police alleging that she did so in an effort to hide the body of Forrest Hayes.

In fact, the statement released by the family has stated that the blind matter is one that has been twisted to look like something else. In the alleged video, Alix Tichelman indeed pulls on a blind, but apparently she is pulling on it on her way out because it is blocking the exit, according to documents discovered today.

According to this document, in order to leave, Alix had to fiddle with the blind on her way out, which she reportedly did in order to be able to get through the exit. Once she had however, she put the blind back in its original position as it had been before she tried to get through that exit. She did not pull down a blind to hide and conceal any human body.

She fidgeted with the blind on her way out, and as she did, resumed it to its original position once she made her way through the exit. Anybody that has been on a vessel smaller than 60 feet or so knows that navigating those small spaces can be awkward. That does not make her a murderer any more than having a glass of wine does.

What police did not say when reporting this video is that on a yacht of this size, approximately 50 feet, one would have to make a point to walk over anything that was on the floor. If a book was lying on the floor Alix would have had to walk over it several times to get out safely as well. As reported yesterday by the Toronto Relationships Examiner, Alix Tichelman was in Forrest's yacht that night for a business meeting, and a business meeting only, and she left as discreetly as she arrived.

Forrest Hayes was found by the captain of his yacht the next day. It took almost 9 months for law enforcement to arrest Alix Tichelman because of some issues surrounding this alleged video. At first, according to the L.A. Times, the captain of the yacht told police there was no video surveillance of the night in question. Months later this story changed too and suddenly a 20 minute video appeared that allegedly only covers the time frame of Forrest Hayes death.


The media has used this information to lend credence to their slutshaming claims suggesting that, if the police say there is a video, there must be a video and thus Alix Tichelman is a cold blooded killer.

The truth is, the police will not release that video, and one can not help but wonder why. Nobody but the Santa Cruz police, and likely the prosecutors, have seen this video, but the entire country has vilified this woman on the basis of it.

Alix Tichelman is not the lowlife the country has made her out to be. She is university educated and comes from a wealthy family. She also holds dual citizenship, in both America and Canada according to CTV News. Prosecutors at her arraignment also used this information against her suggesting that meant she posed a flight risk.

As a result, her bail was set at $1.5 million dollars, which her lawyers have requested in multiple methods to have reduced. During the hearing, the woman America is considering a loner and low life scumbag was actually surrounded by the people many think she doesn't have.

Alix Tichelman's parents attended the arraignment, as did her sister. The Tichelman's were hoping the judge would allow a conditional release, and even offered the judge a living space for Alix where she could be monitored on house arrest while living with them, and submit to random drug testing.

This request was declined. Alix's parents and her sister clung to each other holding each other's hands tightly. They left the courtroom very distraught refusing to speak to reporters.

Alix did not say much during the arraignment, but stood with her handcuffed hands in front of her in her jail scrubs standing beside her public defender and looking down almost the entire time. After the arraignment, lawyer for the Tichelman family Larry Biggam spoke to the press in an effort to ask them to stop vilifying this 26-year-old woman.

Larry Biggam told the press that everything that happened on the night of November 23 between Alix Tichelman and Forrest Hayes, everything, was consensual. Biggam said,

"He was a lucrative client, a generous man. He encouraged this and it went awry. She had no intent to injure or harm him….she's a sensitive kid with an addiction problem. This case is extremely sad. There are five kids without a father today. But to demonize, and sensationalize, and totally blame Alix Tichelman for his death is misplaced, unfair, and simply wrong. She's like a wounded bird. This case is about two adults who were engaged in mutual consensual drug usage in the context of a sexual encounter initiated and encouraged by Mr. Hayes."

The lack of motive as discussed yesterday by the Toronto Relationships Examiner has not gone un-noticed by the family lawyer to the Tichelmans.

"There was no intent to harm or injure, much less kill, Mr. Hayes. Why would she? He was a lucrative source of income to her. She appreciated his generosity. She had a motive, if any, to elongate, not end the relationship. It's clearly not a murder case. He had a lot of money. If any, she had a motive to keep his business. Not murder. Not even voluntary manslaughter."

The official charge in this case, the most serious of the 8 counts Alix Tichelman is facing, is manslaughter with "great bodily injury." If Alix Tichelman is found guilty of all 8 counts, she faces up to 15 years in prison, in addition to other requirements she will likely have to undergo such as random drug testing and registering with the state and cities she resides in.

If she is found guilty of the misdemeanor prostitution charges, she will also have to undergo AIDS testing according to the California Penal Code.

In response to the allegations against her. Lawyers for the Tichelman family have drafted a statement about Alix's version of the night in question. Until this statement was released, the media had shamed Alix into being the "call girl killer" all because of a video they had not even seen. From the sounds of it, we may not ever see that video.

KSBW, the Santa Cruz affiliate of ABC News released this version of events from the accused, and the account of what is really seen on that video according to lawyers for the Tichelman family.

"Mr. Hayes and Ms. Tichelman were engaged in a consensual adult encounter in which Mr. Hayes was an eager participant. Any harm suffered by Mr. Hayes was unintentional. The video showed a man and a woman engaged in social conversation as the two were seated in the parlor area of the yacht. The woman was seated on the floor.

The man calmly watched the woman inject herself with an unknown substance. The man gestured in a manner directing the woman to similarly inject him in the arm with the same substance. The man and woman kissed and hugged each other on the floor of the yacht before the man repositioned himself on a bench and extended his arms. The man calmly watched as the woman kneeled between his legs and examined his veins.

The man rubbed and hit his inner elbow in an attempt to help the woman locate a vein. The man shined a light from his cellphone onto his inner elbow to assist her. The man was injected. The man and woman kissed again. The man became lethargic and nodded off. Shortly thereafter, the woman gathered several items and walked to the yacht's exit. A window shade was drawn and blocking the exit. The woman lifted the shade, walked through the door, and pulled the shade back to its original position."

Alix Tichelman has bail set at $1.5 million dollars, an amount that many consider to be excessive for a manslaughter case. Does it seem like there might be an agenda in the case against Alix Tichelman? As the State's case weakens, Alix Tichelman awaits her next court date, October 20, from a prison cell. If she is found guilty of all 8 counts, she is facing up to 15 years in prison.

Do you still think she's guilty?

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