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The consciousness of healing

The healing light perpetually shines.  It arises and descends forever in motion infinitely coursing through you returning you to the beginning the perfection of all.
The healing light perpetually shines. It arises and descends forever in motion infinitely coursing through you returning you to the beginning the perfection of all.

All healing takes place from above to below and from within to without. This follows the principle that Consciousness is always building itself from its own sense of reflection. The initial starting point of that reflection is perfection as it is influenced by the first ‘let there be light.”

Consciousness of healing

Now Consciousness is composed by definition of thoughts. We may call it thoughts or simply the conversations that we listen to within. It may be proven by experience that these thoughts are neither static nor unchanging but are rather influenced in large part by the way we feel about them. Think about this for a moment.

Thoughts are influenced by the awareness we have as conscious centers of being of the flow that passes through us. While it is true that for the large part we simply accept thoughts that come up we may also however, influence their tone and most importantly their direction.

When we are ill with whatever kind of distress to the body there is also a corresponding component in mind. It is to this component that we address our healing efforts. These healing efforts are going to be made conscious for us so that we will be able to act upon them at will for the greater good of our body and our mind; the place where we encounter our thoughts.

The first thing to recognize is that our consciousness is one with that perfect emanation that began with ‘let there be light.’ This is not a one time thing but is rather an ongoing moment by moment reiteration of the continuous creation. We are brought into being because of this continuity of existence. Therefore our source for every intentional thought about our health will always have this constant source of emanation; this everlasting light so to speak.

All illness comes from a perceived separation from this light so that the way of return is to think about this light and to then offer ourselves thoughts of encouragement. We learn to think of the body in its perfect state, its state of complete connection with this initial emanation.

It is a matter of identifying with wholeness and then letting that wholeness permeate every cell including the ones in which we are experiencing the separation, the illness.

What you are seeking then is your own brand of medicine. This does not preclude seeking medical attention it only enhances the effects that medical attention may bring.

Line up all your thoughts in the direction of your healing. Focus your attention on that initial perfection of creation, "let there be light."

What you are experiencing is a perceived separation from that initial light. What you may return to by focus and attention is a renewed acceptance of that initial light. It is a return to wholeness. The truth is that wholeness is always with you. The trick is remember this.

What you need to make rock solid in your awareness is the unwavering presence of the light. In this way you reestablish your holy connection with all that is and the healing can take place as it is meant to be.

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