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The connection between hair and good health revealed

The book ‘You Being Beautiful – the Owner’s Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty’ by co-authored by Dr. Mehmet Oz is an eye-opener about health and beauty and how it co-relates to one another. The book reveals the secrets to great looking hair and how the state of your hair can help in identifying deeper health issues.

Hair is the window to your health, says the expert

Dr. Oz believes that if you are truly healthy in every sense, you would ooze beauty and self-confidence automatically. The heart surgeon opines that beauty is coordinated with health. Beautiful-looking people are generally perceived as more proficient and even get paid more. Health problems can be detected by looking at some of the human beauty factors such as hair, for instance.

Hair can be the window to your health, according to Dr. Oz. The state of your hair and scalp can be pointers to underlying health issues, such as hormonal imbalance, thyroid problems, and even tell an expert whether you are having a balanced diet. The connection between hair fall and stress has been long established.

Underlying health issues can be reflected in your hair and scalp

Your scalp, the color of your hair, and the structure of the hair strand can all be important indicators of what’s going on in your body. The doctor recommends what he calls the ‘mane’s squeeze test’ to know whether your hair loss is normal or alarming. The number of hair that comes off the mane can tell you whether there’s an underlying health issue because health problems get reflected in your hair first, according to studies.

Why styling treatments and excessive use of chemicals must be avoided?

Dr. Oz says that using harsh treatment, such as blow drying or chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners, can destroy the healthy, bouncy look of your hair. Blow drying and using heat treatment for various styling purposes can destroy the follicles and you end up losing body and volume. Similarly, over washing with shampoo can prevent the sebum from restoring the health of your hair. A balanced diet and vitamin supplements can provide the basic health needed to keep the hair looking good and to preserve its health.

Research shows that healthy, lustrous, and beautiful looking hair is what gives women that extra zip in their steps and the energy to do things that they always wanted to do. Great looking hair can be yours too, if you avoid too much of styling treatments and use safe hair care products like Keranique Revitalizing Shampoo and Volumizing Conditioner, which are sulfate-free and contain safe and proven ingredients. Keranique hair care system is women-specific and delivers visible hair improvement results.