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The Connected Toothbrush: Smartphones and Your Teeth

Oral B's New Connected Toothbrush
Oral B's New Connected Toothbrush
Redmond Pie

The future is coming…to your mouth. Oral B has brought the toothbrush to a new digital frontier. With their SmartSeries connected toothbrush, Oral B wants to connect your brush to your smartphone and help track your dental habits so that you and your dentist can be more informed. The new brush, which works via Bluetooth 4.0, comes with its own app to help you brush more effectively. It records and charts all your brushing routines and helps customize brushing to your individual needs.

App Works On Android and iPhone
The free Oral B app works on both iPhone and Android platforms. It wirelessly tracks every move the brush makes and records the stats associated with your brushing habits. This can then be used by you and your dentist to track your progress and even offers immediate advice from the app on how to brush better and more effectively.

Brush Premiered at Mobile World Congress
The connected toothbrush, which was premiered at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain in late February, was touted by Oral B as just a small piece of the coming “smart bathroom”. It follows closely in the wake of such successful life tracking devices like the FitBit or Nike’s FuelBand. Oral B hopes that the public’s increasing demand for connected devices works just as well with our pearly whites as with our running shoes.

Dentists See The Usability
“The connected toothbrush is an exciting possibility as it really opens up a great way to help patients stay true to their dental hygiene regimen,” offers the dentist at Tendercare Dental, a NW Portland, Oregon dentist office. “By using the data from this app, we could individualize and customize our treatment and make sure that our patients’ teeth receive the best care possible.”

Highly Customizable
The SmartSeries will only be sold in Germany for the next few months and will be launched to the rest of the globe starting in June. It will be priced at around $220 when it hits the US shelves, and the new models have lots of customizable options. These include things like custom patterns, brush head speeds, and a way for dentists to be able to program specialized routines. The connected brush can remember 20 sessions of brushing and sync up to the smartphone when it is nearby through Bluetooth technology, which is commonly used for hands-free and printing connectivity.

"Dentists always tell us: 'People do a great job in the week before they come to visit us and in the week after they visit us. But nothing can hide the fact that when we look inside the mouth we can see all the areas they miss,'" related Michael Cohen-Dumani, the global associate director for Oral-B, who was quoted by Reuters. Oral B hopes the connectedness of the brush and app will involve people more their own teeth cleaning process.

The Oral B brush comes on the heels of Kolibree, small startup, who debuted their version of the connected smartbrush at CES this past January. Kolibree is using Kickstarter to get it’s funding off the ground, whereas Proctor & Gamble, who own Oral B, have a little bit more capital to launch their version of this connected cavity cleaner.

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