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"The Conjuring" Doll Gets a Spin-Off Film

The Annabelle's
The Annabelle's
Ed & Lorraine Warren

Warner Bros and New Line Cinema have been working on a sequel, or perhaps more accurately a prequel to the 2013 James Wan hit horror film The Conjuring. This new film is centered on the creepy doll only seen briefly in the film. The tale of the Annabelle Doll was given to us in The Conjuring as a glimpse into Ed and Lorraine Warren’s lives as Paranormal Investigators.

Annabelle Doll
Warner Brothers Entertainment & Newline Cinema

The two leads will be Annabelle Wallis of The Tudors and Ward Horton of The Wolf of Wall Street. John Leonetti, the Cinematographer for The Conjuring, will be directing the Annabelle film, with Jams Wan signed on as Executive Producer. The details concerning the script written by Gary Dauberman are still under wraps.

The film may depict the actual history behind the real Annabelle doll. Ed and Lorraine Warren are not fictional characters they have specialized in the paranormal for over 50 years now. The doll in question was actually a "Raggedy Anne" doll that allegedly has an otherworldly entity latched on to it.

The doll was bought at an antique store and given as a gift to a young woman named Donna by her mother. She and her college roommate Angie started hearing strange noises shortly after the doll’s arrival. Soon they began finding the doll in new positions or random locations in their home when neither of them put it there. They found strange notes on parchment and once the doll was found with what appeared to be blood on her hands. The girls became afraid and brought in a psychic, it was the psychic who made a connection with the entity that called itself Annabelle, claiming to be a little girl who died there. Donna and Angie felt bad for the “little girl” and invited her to stay.

It soon became clear this was no little girl as things took a much darker turn for the women. The entity quickly turned violent. A friend of theirs, Lou told them to get rid of the doll, he thought it was creepy and couldn’t understand why they’d keep it in the house. This made him a target for Annabelle, he was then haunted and attacked by the doll. He experienced recurring nightmares when sleeping in their home. Soon he began suffering physical attacks as well, including scratches, chest pains and loss of consciousness.

Ed and Lorraine Warren’s investigation resulted in taking Annabelle from Donna and Angie. They have put her on display at the “Warren’s Occult Museum” where you can still go visit her today. With such a fascinating history to work with, this is sure to be another hit. The release date has yet to be announced but production started late January.

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