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The compelling imperative of this crisis

Photo: Sound ConneXions Seattle Forum
Photo: Sound ConneXions Seattle Forum

What isn't up for grabs? The environment, the economy, Congress, every state in the nation, the Gulf of Mexico, the Middle East, big corporations, small businesses, and the Catholic church, a 2,000 year-old institution, are all in the throes of wrenching change.

Do you long for a shred of stability? Don't turn blue holding your breath for it.

Our diverse country is fragmented, disillusioned, angry and heartbroken. The big change is coming from the grass roots, not from Washington, New York or Silicon Valley. The Time Magazine article by Reihan Salam predicts

The transformation will be not so much political as anti-political. The decision to turn away from broken and brittle institutions, like conventional schools and conventional jobs, will represent a turn toward what military theorist John Robb calls "resilient communities," which aspire to self-sufficiency and independence.

The Fourth Turning predicted that whatever is not working will collapse, and  durable solutions will rise from the rubble. Social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkeIn, World Café, Wiser Earth, and others reflect this shift. The Transition Town movement that started in 2008 in England  and is now worldwide, is based on the premise that we must create resilient communities, learn forgotten skills, including how to forage for food, and live off the grid to adjust to the hard reality that the world's oil supply has peaked. In Chicago, Transition Rogers Park is committing to creating a resilient community.

The murky future gives no clue whether we will tip toward higher consciousness and light or sink back toward more darkness. Therefore, we face a moral imperative and a unique opportunity to create systems in which communities provide relief and comfort to each other. Plenty of people are more than ready to take our culture to a higher level. Knowing who these people are so that they can find each other could propel this shift forward. Sound ConneXions Forums provide the setting where people who are involved in social innovation gather with others to present their ideas and to brainstorm for new ones.

Join the first of many Sound ConneXions Chicago Forums on Saturday, June 26th from 9:30 to 4:30 at  Loyola University Chicago's Water Tower Campus. We ask for a $15 donation at the door to cover expenses for lunch and refreshments.

Please register at this link Sound ConneXions Chicago Forums so that we know how many people to feed!

For more info: New Community Vision is eager to work with individuals and groups, such as Sound ConneXions, to spawn a movement to think about our social and housing paradigms in a new context. Community gatherings to address our universal challenges are the fertile soil in which durable solutions take root. Please subscribe to this blog and contact us for more information.


  • Carolyn Baker 5 years ago

    There is no longer any stability in the external world except for trusted friends who get the dire nature of what we are experiencing. The only real stability is within our core, and my book Sacred Demise, offers tools for strengthening that inner core to prepare for the end of the world as we have known it--which is happening all around us. Because I believe this kind of preparation is the most important thing we can be doing, I am working on a new book, Navigating The Coming Chaos: Tools For Inner Transition. Stay tuned.

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