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The Como Brothers Band


In comparison to The Great Gatsby, The Como Brothers' music captures a timeless American experience with innovation, brilliance, and desire. “No amount of fire could challenge the fairy tale he had stored up in his heart,” said Nick Carraway, in The Great Gatsby. The same can be said about the dedication and fortitude that lies within The Como Brothers. Their music can be compared to this epic novel in that they each tell the story of an undying dream and a passion to do what they love. Both the book and the Como Brothers also share their Long Island roots, and although one is one of the greatest pieces of literature in every language, the other is about to leave their mark in the universal language.

In 2011, Matt and Andrew, two warmhearted, music-loving brothers, formed The Como Brothers Band. Music is not a hobby for these young men, but a way of life and a career. Matt says, “We are singer/songwriters, who view music through the lens of pop music, and we're influenced by rock/blues. Pop music has become a dirty word to most people, or uncool. We want to show, as many of our favorite artists have, that, with originality, good songs, and practiced musicianship, pop music is actually extremely cool.”

Within a short span of time, Matt and Andrew’s hard work and dedication paid off. Along with being the music for Quicksilver advertisements, their music has also been featured in film. Their music has been placed in MTV's Real World: Portland & St. Thomas, E! Network’s Keeping up with the Kardashians, and on The Oxygen Channel's Best Ink.

The goal of playing to crowds of people night after night and day after day motivates them. “It is always exciting to get up in front of a crowd to interact with them, entertain, and show off our songs,” they said.

Some of their notable performances include sharing the stage with Rachel Crow, Cody Simpson, and Big Time Rush in 2012 at Nikon Jones Beach Theater. In February of 2013, they opened for popular singer/songwriter Jillian Jensen, in June they were the opening for The Wallflowers, and in October they were the opening act for American Idol winner David Cook right after the release of their first full-length album, Baby Steps.

If that is not enough, they won the 2014 Artists In Music Awards’ Composer of the Year, and Album of the Year in Los Angeles for their masterpiece Baby Steps, and they also received three other nominations for Best Rock, Best Singer/Songwriter, and Artist of the Year.

Another great thing about these boys is that they always engage with their fans. “Aside from making ourselves extremely available to hang out and interact at shows, social media is a place where we are constantly engaging with fans and supporters. If they take the time to support us, we want to take the time to let them know it is extremely appreciated.”

According to Joel Edgerton, in The Great Gatsby, “We were born different from you. It's in our blood. Nothing that you can do or dream up can ever change that.” That seems to sum up what the Como Brothers have been manifesting as well. The next few months will be filled with their new radio tour, and in June 2014, they are slated to share the stage with singer/songwriter Howie Day in June.

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