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‘The Comic Artist and His Assistants’ acquired by Sentai Filmworks

The Comic Artist and His Assistants
© Hiroyuki/Square Enix, Manashi Project

Anime publisher Sentai Filmworks announced today, that it has acquired the anime series “The Comic Artist and His Assistants” for release in North America.

“The Comic Artist and His Assistants” is a slice-of-life comedy series produced by the animation studio Zexcs (Rental Magica), it is based on the 4-panel manga series by Hiroyuki. The anime is directed by Takeshi Furuta (Tiger & Bunny), and features series composition by Aki Itami (Fruits Basket) and character designs from Hitomi Tsuruta (Gintama).

The series follows Aito Yuuki, a mangaka who struggles to live the laborious life of a comic artist. It’s not all work though, Aito is surrounded by his assistants, who just so happen to also be beautiful women, but because of this Aito tends to let his mind slip away from work and into the realm of the perverse. As Aito loses focus, his assistants struggle to deal with his fantasies, but as long as the job gets done they are willing to put up with him, until he gets grabby.

“The Comic Artist and His Assistants” began airing in Japan earlier this month and it should be available through select digital outlets soon. Sentai Filmworks also has plans for a home video release, but they have not given any release details at this time.

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