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The comedy continues in "22 Jump Street"

The comedy magic between Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum in “21 Jump Street” will continue to tickle our funny bones in the upcoming sequel22 Jump Street.”

The comedy geniuses return for undercover work in college in '22 Jump Street'

Slated for a June 13, 2014 release, the boys are back in town to shake things up at a local college. After the Officers Schmidt and Jenko go deep undercover once again but Jenko is sidetracked when he meets a brother from another mother on the football team.

During Jenko’s veer off the detective path, Schmidt moves in on the college Bohemian art scene. Since our two grown up detectives separate and follow their own interests, they begin to question the partnership they once had.

The flick will of course show fans more of Ice Cube as he relives his role as Captain Dickson.

The action-adventure-comedy flick is directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. “22 Jump Street” is rated ‘R’ and runs one hour and 50 minutes long.


Jonah Hill as Schmidt
Channing Tatum as Jenko
Peter Stormare as The Ghost
Wyatt Russell as Zook
Amber Stevens as Maya
Jillian Bell as Mercedes
Ice Cube as Captain Dickson
The Lucas Brothers as Keith and Kenny Yang
Nick Offerman as Deputy Chief Hardy
Jimmy Tatro as Rooster
Caroline Aaron as Annie Schmidt
Craig Roberts as Spencer
Marc Evan Jackson as Dr. Murphy
Joe Chrest as David Schmidt
Eddie J. Fernandez as Scarface
Rye Rye as Jr. Jr.
Johnny Pemberton as Delroy
Stanley Wong as Roman
Dax Flame as Zack
Diplo as Spring Break DJ
Tyler Forrest as Stoned-Looking Kid
John Bostic as University of Internet Professor
Richard Grieco as Booker
Dustin Nguyen as Vietnamese Jesus
Ian Hock as Improv Student
Kate Adair as Improv Student
Drew Cross as the Waiter

“22 Jump Street” was shown at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 10, 2014 and received great reviews.

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