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The Columbus Dispatch reports: Petland quits Pet Expo amid pressure of boycott

Petland has withdrawn from the Columbus Pet Expo. The Columbus Dispatch states that a boycott was started by a representative of the animal advocacy group Columbus Top Dogs, who sent emails that asked people to avoid the show because of Petland's sponsorship.

As the article reports, a Humane Society of the United States investigation into Petland's connection to puppy mills led to a lawsuit that is still pending.

According to the article, Mary O'Connor-Shaver of Columbus Top Dogs sent more than 1,500 emails and set up an online petition asking the expo organizers to remove Petland as a sponsor.

O'Connor-Shaver also asked rescue organizations to withdraw from the expo. As reported in the article, one rescue has canceled its booth and another has refused to attend the expo.

The Columbus Pet Expo still has 14 sponsors, including Red Roof Inn, Bob Evans Restaurants, and Complete Petmart. Vendors who will be displaying goods and services at the event include Dayton-based Jack's Aquarium & Pets. For information on sponsors and vendors, see the pet expo website.

The Columbus Pet Expo will take place from Mar. 26-28 at the Veterans Memorial in Columbus. For more information, see the pet expo website.