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The Color Run - ATLANTA

The Color Run
The Color Run
The Color Run

Tomorrow, April 5, 2014, in Atlanta, GA is the phenominal 5K called The Color Run. A little bit about this amazing Run/Walk/Dance straight from their website. Follow me tomorrow on twitter @ATLwriteasong and look for an up coming article after the race. My daughter and I will be running for @GiveTheShirt, fighting hunger for Atlanta's church Rock of Ages on Memorial Drive who feeds the hungry and provides for the homeless in their area every day of the week, including Sunday. (404) 292-7888


The Color Run was founded in January of 2012 as an event to promote healthiness and happiness by bringing the community together to participate in the “Happiest 5k on the Planet”. They are the original paint race and have created a completely new genre of running events that continues to grow exponentially. Now the single largest event series in the United States, The Color Run has exploded since our debut event. The Color Run has more than tripled our growth, hosting more than 170 events in 30+ countries in 2013.

The Color Run is neither a charity nor a non-profit organization. The Color Run, LLC is a “for profit” event management company and our number one goal is to produce high quality events. The Color Run also works with local organizations in various cities they host events in. Such a wonderful event and GIVING BACK all in the same day.


While our 5k event is all about having fun, we also focus on promoting a healthy lifestyle. More than half of our participants are first-time 5k runners and the event is making headway on the national focus of improving health and wellness. We hope that The Color Run 5k event will be able to act as a catalyst for our participants to live an active, healthy lifestyle.


Seeing how happy The Color Run has made people has been tremendously rewarding for us. It is an event for all fitness levels, ages and backgrounds. Our tag line, “The Happiest 5k on the planet”, was created after seeing the expressions of pure joy from participants.


Color Runners vary in demographics and reasons for running. With no winners or official times, The Color Run caters to everyone –first time runners to seasoned athletes. Some Color Runners participate as a celebration and capstone of their healthy living accomplishments, while others participate for reasons unique to them. Giving Back

As a for-profit event management company, we love the opportunity we have to partner with charities to help shine a light on their amazing work within society and highlight the causes they stand for. We have raised donations for more than 80 local and national charities since 2012. To date, The Color Run has donated more than $3 million to charity. For more information on how The Color Run works with charities, visit their Charity Page.

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