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'The Color of Rain' authors and actors talk about new Hallmark movie

Michael and Gina Spehn
Photo by Handout/Getty Images

"The Color of Rain" is a new television movie coming to Hallmark channel on May 31. This is a must see story based on the book by Michael and Gina Spehn. This story is about their real lives and how they both lost their one true love to later find each other. Examiner got the chance to join in for an interview with the authors and also the stars of the show Lacey Chabert and Warren Christie. Producer Dan Paulson was also on the line.

Gina and Michael started writing the book as a way to tell their story. They did not realize that it would end up a book at first and of course had no idea it would turn into a movie. They just wanted to tell their beautiful story. It is amazing to listen to the way that they talk about their lives together and both obviously have the utmost respect for their spouses deceased loved one.

David Permut is the co-producer on this movie. He actually saw the Spehn's on "Today" and knew that this was a great idea. He called up Dan Paulson and the rest is history. When asked about turning their book into a movie Gina said,

"No, I mean it wasn't an immediate yes because, you know it's our story and we're handing it over to someone to kind of care for it. And I guess, you know in the beginning it was not an immediate yes reaction, but I will tell you that when we first talked with David Permut and Dan Paulson, we could tell immediately how genuine they were and what care they had intended to take with our story. And they really earned our trust right away and so it became very easy after talking with them to definitely put our story in their hands. They really created confidence in us and as it turns out, it was a great decision and they did it so beautifully and we're truly pleased with the outcome."

Warren and Lacey knew how serious it was to take on a role like this one. Warren said,

"So once I think I got over my initial fear of playing a real live person and that responsibility, we just tried to go at it with that, you know to make sure that the essence of the story was there, and then the family was going to be happy with it in the end."

This movie will show the love story between Michael and Gina Spehn. They lost love but learned to love again. They had to blend their family into a modern day "Brady Bunch" but their children did already know each other which made things easier. It sounds like it all turned out for the best and you will want to see it all play out on screen.

Don't miss "The Color of Rain" on Saturday May 31 on Hallmark channel. This is a movie that you will not want to miss and that is family friendly. Set your DVR now.

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