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The color of emotion II

Arwork by Charles Magee in the Ford Motor Rotunda in Charles H. Wright Museum.
Arwork by Charles Magee in the Ford Motor Rotunda in Charles H. Wright Museum.
Photo taken by Crystal Reign Brock

"A Serenade of Colors" paintings by Marvalisa Coley is on exhibit at Charles H. Wright Museum until December 4, 2009.  This exquisite display of colors and talent is a must see.  One cannot fully grasp the energy that comes from her artwork by merely looking at it online.

Marvalisa's ability to create pictures within pictures is amazing and striking.  Making the acrylic artwork 3D.  Springing forth words mixed with images creating mixed feelings of glamour and invincibility.  The painting that created those feelings was my #1 pick, "Big City of Dreams".  The second favorite would be "Building the Dream".  One word jumping out at the viewer "Believe".  Looking at this painting gives a feeling of elevated self-worth and that anything can get accomplished.  Thirdly is "Joy, Harmony & Passion".  This painting evokes images of Africa and strength.  Infusing the color of the people with the color of the land. 

Being able to convey messages and images through abstract can be a daunting task.  Marvalisa's effortless brush strokes that appear to be flawless makes this task look easy. 

CRB: Do you paint a piece once or do you practice sketching it or painting it multiple times?

MC: It's layered with sketching and paint.  I start with a wash, which is diluted paint.  Giving it a consistency close to nail polish.  To create the lines I use a variety of brushes.  Natural hair brushes give the paint strokes a solid look.

CRB: The cloth material in some of the pieces, what is it?

MC: Some of the artwork has canvas pieces from painting I didn't like so to add texture I incorporated them into the new piece.  Other pieces may have picture clipping from magazines to create a paper collage.

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  • canvas pictures 5 years ago

    Love the artwork....very contemporary african piece.

  • Crsytal 4 years ago

    Yes it hangs in the Museum. I thought it was lovely.