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The color of emotion

Sold artwork by Marvalisa Coley
Sold artwork by Marvalisa Coley
Risky Business by Marvalisa Coley

"A Serenade of Colors" by Detroit-born artist Marvalisa Coley is currently on exhibit at Charles H. Wright Museum until December 4, 2009.  Her electrifying work with acrylics will stimulate the mind and senses.  Making the viewer create their own moving scene of images.   Intrigued by the exhibit and information provided by the website I decided to visit  Viewers can see samples of work and read about her artistic journey.  Marvalisa isn't just a local talent.  Traveling to the 2006 National Black Fine Art Show held in NYC.  Visiting the site prompted me to want to speak with her on artistic choices.

CRB: Why did you stop using marker and start using acrylic?

MC: Marker isn't archival, and not fine art.  Before my debut at Johanson Charles Gallery in 2004 I had to show that I could paint. 

Paint she did.  For more information visit her website or