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The college athlete

College Sports Teams
College Sports Teams

In high school, the average jock was truly living the dream with being popular, getting the girls, and even receiving special privileges (sometimes). Contrary, this all means garbage when it comes to the benefits a collegiate athlete gets. Transitioning from high school to college transforms the “dump jock” into the astute competitor. It may be time to stop focusing on these so called privileges and start realizing how being an athlete while at school is much more tutorial.

Throughout the teenage years it is perceived that it is not necessary to have to try in order to obtain the good things in life. They are naturally drawn to you being a ball player and it is in some ways a disservice to them because it takes away the opportunity to learn valuable skills. In college, athletes build character as they have certain rules to follow. For instance, having curfews during the season keeps them from being under the wrong influences and teaches them about priorities. In addition, most athletes are required to maintain a certain grade point average which enhances their knowledge the on particular subject of study as well as focus. Furthermore, a student athlete’s physical fitness is in near perfect condition and that helps keep a healthy blood flow. Finally, participating in sports can provide a clearer understanding to teamwork is all about.

Coming out of college the world becomes a scarier place because most of these student athletes specialize in other occupations besides sports. Developing those skills that were once absent from these young minds is key for achieving success of the field (or court, rink, mat, etc.). Most professions look for elements such as these in candidates which certainly give these athletes a step up in the work force. In these ways, it makes you wonder; if the cleat fits, should you wear it?