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The Collectionary

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I recently came across a website that may pique the interest of my readers. It's called "The Collectionary". They showcase merchandise and collectibles. At first, I was under the impression that this was a sort of e-commerce site, where people could put their things up for sale. While the product pages do link to eBay listings, the price listing seems to be more for informative purposes as opposed to someone offering to make a sale.

That seems to be the focus as each product page gives information pertaining to the product to give collectors a better idea of what the product is.

Members can, however, catalog things that they either want or already have, giving them a way to document the items in their collections as well as things that they hope to one day add to said collections.

As is the case with Amazon and eBay, it's a fun site to peruse as they have quite a lot of stuff on display. There's DVDs, toys, models, prop replicas, and other kinds of merchandise that is affiliated with various anime franchises.

Fitting in with the "showcase" idea, multiple pictures can be uploaded to better display the features of said products. A DVD box set, for example can show off the box, as well as how the discs are stored inside, not to mention any sort of extra bonuses that may be included.

I wouldn't mind seeing a video feature come into play some time down the line. While the multiple pictures help, I think allowing people to upload short videos will give people a better idea about what all these things are. It also turns site members into "tour guides" of sorts and gives some variety as people's different personalities will vary from page to page. That's just my two cents and it may not be as feasible as I'm making it sound.

The official site is here, but they also have a Facebook page which you can find here. If you're so inclined, feel free to check it out.

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