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The Collapse Of An American City

Ferguson, Missouri is a city made up of some 20,000 plus residents. The majority are black and the minority are white. The white control the administration and police offices. A week ago yesterday a young man of 18 by the name of Michael Brown held up a convenience store simply by being a bigger man than the owner. He and two other men stole some fifty dollars worth of cigars. Then for some reason they decided to walk down the middle of the main road in town and hold up traffic. Officer Darren Wilson pulled them over and a scuffle occurred leaving Brown shot dead in the street by Wilson.

The Collapse Of An American City
Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Wilson didn't know about the robbery he simply pulled Brown over for the traffic problem. Did Brown have something to prove that day? The store video of the robbery makes Brown look as if he did.

Riots and looting ensued for the next several nights with the Ferguson police bringing out their military hardware that they picked up through what's called the 1033 program where municipalities can pick up military hardware for crowd control. This is rather ludicrous in this instance for a city this size.

The President spoke out against the violence. The Police chief spoke out against the violence. The city police were taken off the detail and a former resident who works for the State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson who also happens to be black was brought in on Thursday. The town had one night of rest when on Friday the Police Chief decided to drop the bomb that Brown was a suspect in the strong armed burglary of a business. This set off another night of riots and looting. The Governor stepped in and announced a curfew for the city. This didn't work and more shootings and land unrest occurred last night.

Now, once again the great Al Sharpton is coming to Ferguson which only seems to get everybody riled up so you can expect more trouble coming to the town tonight. Many of the town's businesses have suffered damage. Reporters and elected officials have been wrongfully arrested by the police when they didn't move quickly enough. All have been released and no charges filed against them. This has been a tragedy from the beginning.

This town had no black representation by its residents in the running of the city. The residents for the most part live around the poverty level economically. The police act like the Gestapo of old Nazi Germany. The world is watching the collapse of an American city right before it's eyes and what's worse is it is not going to end in the foreseeable future. God Bless America.