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The collaborative artistry of Patrizia Moroso and Tokujin Yoshioka


Patrizia Moroso

One call from Patrizia Moroso, creative director of the Italian furniture company Moroso, and a product designer’s status as a star is either set or cemented. Take Tokujin Yoshioka, for example. He’s been collaborating with Moroso for several years, bringing products to the marketplace that exude the magic that only two unencumbered creative minds can create.

After debuting in Milan in 2009, Yoshioka’s Paper Cloud chair is now ready for distribution. See what inspired Yoshioka’s design in this blog post on Roaming By Design. During an interview, I once asked Moroso what she seeks in design partnerships. “I love to discover new talent, but whether I’ve worked with a designer or not, I have to feel a strong attraction to the idea,” she answered.

Yoshioka was born in 1967. By the time he was 20 years old, he was working under Shiro Kuramata and signed on with Issey Miyake a year later in 1988. It’s no surprise that he quickly established his own studio, Tokujin Yoshioka Design, which he founded in 2000. Here is what he has to say about his theory of design:

“For me, design is not making but creating. Design is not to be described in words but it should tell a story. When it tells the story, the meaning will become clear. Design is free. There is no rule as to how design should be. It is impossible to define what the ultimate is. Intrinsically, there is no actual ultimate because design is always changing. Essentially, design is what we feel. That is why I enjoy it so much. Neither am I the one who re-designs historic masterpieces, nor the one who proposes eccentric designs. My design is different from other designers’ because it is never categorized. Obviously I do not want others to follow my design. It is just that each designer should know his mission respectively and create a new value that has never existed before.

“When seeing my designs, people think that I am using new materials or new technologies but this is not true. Maybe I just find hidden beauty in things, which others have not noticed before me. To know the intrinsic beauty of materials is one of my passions: I like a paper when it is crumpled. I also find beauty in torn paper. We might be able to understand the beauty of things only when we stop thinking with our heads. The unexpected, accidental happening is the most wonderful thing. What we can accomplish with deliberation might be only a fraction of what we can do if we freely express ourselves.”


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