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The Cold War, The Sequel

When we look at current events today there is a very stark realm of reality that is reminiscent of the early 1960's. History is again repeating. A scenario ripped out from yesteryears headlines has come back as a haunting reminder that the United States still can't get it quite right. It is as though we are forever doomed to repeat mistakes made some 60 years ago. Could it be that another Cold War has taken over center stage? Are we but bit players in a larger scene? Are the cast of characters playing similar roles. Is President Putin the new Khrushchev of the world? Sobering questions to be sure. The answers are quite profound. For the United States is again set to repeat a version of history that many thought would never happen again. And, yet we have set in motion almost the very same philosophy in our foreign policy that has triggered another set of events similar to the onset of the first Cold War. Some would say though that we played our cards quite admirably during the Cuban Missile crisis in 1962. While others thought a more tougher stance was in order. In the end though we adverted what could have been a very dangerous predicament.

It is today's crisis in the Ukraine that has triggered our foreign policy makers to impose sanctions against Russia. If the shoe were on the other foot what would Russia do? Interesting to think about the ramifications when this crisis is all about energy sources, mainly the flow of oil. When Russia's President Putin used armed intervention in the Crimea just illustrates Putin's determination to control critical energy pipeline routes. The United States meanwhile considers those pipeline routes essential to our national security as well. We have had years to augment our energy needs with alternative fuels and yet we still are so dependent of oil from the East that we have to go to such extremes to make sure that the sources of "Oil" continues to flow. Meanwhile, our sanctions have only increased the animosity between both nations. When we have issued sanctions against Russia we have intentionally manipulated the Ukrainian government in accordance with US interests. Rather than leave the future of Ukrainian government in the hands of it's people the US has continued to interfere. Now with more sanctions against Russia both countries have been victimized by our foreign policy. It is our interference that really seems to have invoked the responses that Russia's President Putin has set in motion. Whether we choose to accept it or not Russia does have a legitimate claim in the Ukraine.

One of Russia's response to our imposed sanctions has far reaching implications especially for the International Space Station. With our fearless leader in Washington attempting to stand toe to toe with Putin still envokes a rationale of the first Cold War. Today, like so many times in the past the US has continued to put the cart before the horse. Since the Space Shuttle was dismantled we have been dependent on Russia to carry on with the missions to the International Space Station. Once again we are lagging behind Russia. Could it be yet another Space Race as well? What we have done is virtually condemned our astronaut Steve Swanson to a tenure longer than planed on the International Space Station because we can't send our own rocket and bring him home.

What is so disturbing is that we are a very fractured nation today contrary to what our main stream media and our most astute political wizards in Washington keep touting. Has any of our leaders of state really took a long hard look at main street lately? Or are they too blind to see? Then they could be just oblivious to the fact that so many millions of Americans continue to languish in economic and financial desperation. In 2014 the US is still not capable of creating any national unity when too many over the past 35 years have lost a sense of duty to a country that has not rebuilt an economy strong enough to employ all those who seek living wage jobs. A government that continues in betraying our trust. The governments policy during the Vietnam War was probably the singular event that instigated more distrust in our Government. So today that distrust has only continued.

With the United States acting on impulse using tactics similar to 1961 where Kennedy at the time was in a battle of wills with Khrushchev it is conceivable that we have also entered another space race as well. Earlier this past week Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin announced that the US would be banned from the International Space Station after 2020. America is also no longer allowed to import Russian RD-180 rockets, which are used to put military satellites into orbit. Get that! We have been using Russian made rockets to put our own satellites in orbit. If we have entered a renewed space race with Russia the United States will definitely lose. Similar to 1961 when we were so far behind Russia. But, back then give President Kennedy credit for mobilizing a nation to rally behind a unified effort to win the space race and put a man of the moon.

Today, President Obama doesn't have the national unity that prevailed under Kennedy. The United States for the past 50 years through policies foreign and domestic eroded that national pride and unity so today we would be so hard pressed to even come close to what we did back in 1969. Kennedy's call was used to pull a frightened nation together driving us toward a single goal under the banner of freedom and duty. Today, our nation isn't capable yet of ushering a national call of duty by the majority of Americans. A splintered, fractured country still floundering through the rough seas of international diplomacy. A very somber reality to what we have become as a nation