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The Cold War in Russia

Sweethearts of the ice
Sweethearts of the ice
Gettys Images/Reuters

There is another cold war brewing between Mother Russia and the Home of the Free (Russia and USA). Unlike in the past, this time the weapon of choice are a pair of ice skates and the battlefield is a round patch of ice inside the Iceberg Skating Palace in Sochi, Russia. Fortunately, this cold war is only cold due to climate temperature. And the war, well there is no war actually, just some friendly games of competition. It is the 2014 Winter Olympics after all.

All eyes are on two of the warriors. Both are young, pretty, petite and ferociously skilled. 18-year old Gracie Gold hails from Los Angeles, California while 15-year old Julia Lipnitskaia calls Yekaterinburg home. Russia’s darling, Julia, won her country’s first gold medal and has captured hearts from around the globe while skating as if she has not a bone in her tiny body. America’s Gracie Gold won’t leave empty-handed either. She took the bronze medal.

The two girls twirled, jumped, spin and dazzled the audience like seasoned pros who’ve competed in the Olympics many times before. They skate like the average person walks…without much effort or strain.

But folks, it ain’t over yet. On February 19, 2014, you can catch the Ladies Short Program and on February 20, 2014, you can view the Free Skating competition. More medals to come.

For more information on coverage of the figure skating completion, please check your local listings.

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