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The cold may prolong life, but ways it takes health to new heights

Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Now that you have read the two previous articles of how the cold is highly beneficial for the human being, we can now proceed to how to correctly dress for these specific cold spa treatments. It’s already been established that the cold prolongs the human life, and increases health, body, and lifestyle, so now you’re ready to learn how to protect yourself when partaking in such cold therapies. Can you brave the cold shouldn’t be your question because the human body is naturally adaptable, but instead it should be how to properly layer yourself to protect your body from the cold when in it for a long period of time.

Before stepping inside of the cold sauna you may want to wear the proper or appropriate attire; dressing correctly is essential for any temperature conditions so it would be best to wear shoes and socks, gloves, facemask and hat, and headband to avoid frostbite. People who’re use to living in cold conditions, their bodies have adapted to that way of life (their climate(s)) therefore they may not need much covering if outside for a period of time, like someone from a warmer climate would- but regardless everybody benefitting from a cold sauna treatment will need to dress properly. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll get the full benefits from the cold sauna if you choose to layer yourself, actually the less you wear the more benefits you receive from this cold therapy.

For those of you who can bear the drastic cold inside of these cold saunas, try being inside of it with a bathing suit on (and you can add a facemask, etc.), because the more skin exposed the more benefits you’ll receive. After all it is about benefits right! All items but hearing aids and jewelry, or any other item that presses against skin has to be removed because otherwise these items will feel uncomfortably chilly once inside.

As previously stated in other article, although it’s a practice that anyone can have, for certain people there will be further processes to go through in order for the treatment to be rendered to them. There are strict safety measures used, and what is to be expected before proceeding with the treatment is a medical history questionnaire. This is different than just being in cold or freezing weather or temperatures for short or long periods of time, and not dressing properly for the conditions because your body has naturally adapted to it- these cold sauna temperatures are purposely made to feel like no other type of cold for the sole purpose of getting every possible benefit from the cold that you possibly can.

Persons with medical conditions such as recent surgery, pacemakers, and untreated high blood pressure are highly recommended to not use the cold sauna treatment- but you may want to try other cold therapies such as the cold stone massage (similar to heated stone massage, but instead you’ll be able to receive a beneficial cold therapy massage without the drastic measures).

But for those individuals whom are able to tolerate such temperatures in a closed setting, then you’ll be accompanied by a qualified practitioner through the cold sauna experience, while another professional video monitors your treatment (safety, temperature, and time) to completion from outside the machine.

Just remember whether you choose to dress lighter or heavier in the cold sauna, it’s highly recommended that you remember while inside to breathe normally, relax and try not to tense up. It may be difficult for certain individuals to not be tense, but try to remember that while inside tense muscles will get cold faster. So as you begin your journey into what you think is just one chamber, meet three more! With a total of four chambers: the first chamber is set at 5°F/-15°C and the next room is set at -76F°/-60°C. With five seconds spent in each chamber prior to the main cold sauna, you finally meet the coldest sauna of all, and at -166°F/-110°C you can’t get any more shockingly cold than that- at least for now.

Before you go to thinking that the first two chambers are to acclimatize you to the main sauna, don’t jump the gun because it certainly is not, but rather to keep the cold sauna at its chilly -166°F/-110°C, so the two initial saunas are designed to preserve the cold for the main chamber instead of preparing you for the main sauna.

But what’s preparation when after all the human being can do anything for three minutes, but for so many people the encouragement is mostly needed for psychological support because let’s face it during uncomfortable situations a minute feels like forever. This is why during your time inside of the chamber a professional provides you with encouragement to the 3-minute mark, along with a comforting voice that tells you when each minute has passed from 30 seconds to then the 5 seconds remaining.

Paul, a user of the cold sauna finds it exhilarating! As he puts it, “my skin was pinkish and tingly from my blood moving inward toward my core, but the adrenaline and endorphins pumping made me feel exuberant. The rush was much like the thrill of getting out of the frigid ocean, or the euphoria experienced following a long run. My mind was clear, and I was all giggles. After warming up, I signed up to do the treatment again the next day.”

There are many people who don’t try new things, or will let fear or ignorance scare them and they will never know or realize why Paul is so excited about this cold therapy, but to the rest enjoy and cheers to great health!

The optimal benefits from the cold sauna derive from serial treatments twice a day with 3-4 hours in between, comprising a total of 10-30 visits. AND A VITAL IMPORTANT RULE TO REMEMBER IS, IT IS HIGHLY INADVISABLE TO USE THE STEAM ROOM, HOT SAUNA OR HOT TUB IMMEDIATELY AFTER THE COLD SAUNA, as ARTIFICIAL heat is too much for the body to handle, and the extremes too polar opposite.

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