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The Coaching Toolbox is a great website for basketball coaches

The Coaching Toolbox is a website with comprehensive information to help basketball coaches develop their teams and programs.

The website is broken up into 10 sections.

This section is broken into three criteria: plays that result in scoring off a post up or cutting through the lane for a shot, plays that result in scoring off a three point shot, and plays that result off an isolation.

Basketball Drills
This section categorizes drills into defense, passing, rebounding, scoring, toughness, and transition. One drill, called the Triangle Ball Toughness, has three players form a triangle while three defensive players are inside the triangle. Two of the players trap the ball while the third player tries to anticipate who it is going to. The offensive players do not move so realistic fakes and strong passing must be used. This is better than the common "monkey in the middle drill" because it involves a trap and a third anticipating defensive player.

This section involves all articles related to practice. There is an article included by Bob Starkey who wrote about a way to keep practice statistics.

Program Blueprint
Articles under this section pertain to the coach's development of programs and teams. For example, there is an article on fostering aggression and another on post-season evaluations.

There are two sections for Mental Toughness and Quotes, which are self-explanatory.

Offense and Defense have their own sections on this website. Many articles here are not only beneficial to coaches, but are valuable to players as well. One article provides useful techniques on how to get the ball inside.

Basketball Workouts
This section supplies multiple basketball workouts for all different skill levels. One post is titled Basketball Workouts Stephen Curry. In one of those drills, players are partnered up. One teammate places his/her hands on the shoulders of another player in an effort to supply pressure and make it difficult for the player to get across court. Players dribble during this drill and try to keep control of the ball while moving at their fastest speed possible.

Filing Cabinet
This section compiles miscellaneous articles that do not fit into any other category. Some titles include, "12 Simple Yet Significant To Dos for Leaders," "We Over Me," and "Basketball Coaching Team Perception Test."

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