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The Closet Boutique




Address: 6354 Bird Road, Miami, Florida, 33155 / Phone: 305-668-6472 / Open: Tues- Sat 11AM-7PM

I must be getting too comfortable with The Closet Boutique. I’ve been walking in as if

owner Loretta Armada were my new best friend. With racks lined along its factory motif surroundings, tables covered with sweet accessories, and a jewelry case spilling with headbands and all the tasty chain-lined treats you can imagine, you’ll feel right at home.


That same sensation you get when barrowing your BFFS nautical’s (intense) you can dig up with a diversity of mix and match pieces, and actually get to call them your own at the end of the day (opposed to returning them to their rightful owner). Prices range from $5-$90 for accessories to even a cocktail dress to build your collection of method shopping.


In a city where Forever 21 is the go-to shop for all occasions, it gets tiring having a limited selection of pieces. Once you grow out of the teenage right of passage (puberty), you aim for something more than just rhinestones and spandex. This is what makes The Closet Boutique stand out. Loretta personally selects each piece based on what she herself would wear, which would be something that’s comfortable, yet playful enough to dress up or down. This is where you get that relaxed vibe when rummaging through the shops racks.


I’ve hung around while The Closet followers fed their addiction, and the connection she has to her clients make it all the more intimate, taking the shopping experience to a whole other level. Some updating their calendars on their smart phones for when the next shipment of Loretta’s surprises arrive, others making plans to bring in their pack of connections so they can show off their new best friend. Point blank, it’s everything we’ve been itching to uncover.  


The story behind the mastermind is as exciting as its existence. With a Masters in Fashion Marketing from Parsons in New York, Loretta has had her hands filled with plenty of dirt, having worked for fashion influences such as Elle Magazine (my fave), and also as a publicist/stylist for Italian designer Etro. Can I make it any more obvious that this little mama has an undeniable love for fashion? Verdict says: She’s quite the phenomenal business woman. To actually gain experience in New York in such a hardcore industry is a challenge in itself, but to top it all off, when she moved down to Miami with her one and only, she ran with some crazy idea of opening up a boutique, and invested a large portion of her wedding funds to make The Closet a reality.


Now, after just five months in business, The Closet Boutique will be featured in an local fashion showcase with yours truly, your Miami Fashion Examiner. I’ll be styling all her latest pieces for the season, so current lovers attend, and future addicts come get a taste of what you can get.


 Email Me for event information and E-Vites



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