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The clock might be back on for '24' heading to the big screen

Jack Bauer's time on the big screen may come, as talks of a '24' movie are once again in the works thanks to the success of 'Live Another Day', reported via

There have been discussions over the years of bringing 24 on the big screen, but the plan was shelved because of salary and production conflicts, which included star and executive producer Kiefer Sutherland working on Touch, where he played Martin Bohm, a widowed father of an autistic young son whose ability with numbers allows them to help the people they meet, and in process, the world. Touch, which was canceled in May 2013 after just two seasons, was created by Tim Kring, who also created NBC's Heroes, which competed with 24 for super-ratings on Monday nights several seasons ago, yet they and Jack Bauer had the same mission every week: saving the world from evil. Like '24', 'Heroes' will return next summer as a limited series entitled Heroes: Reborn.

24: Live Another Day found Jack Bauer coming out of the cold to rise like the combination of Batman and Captain America to stop a terrorist attack in London, as well as save the life of U.S. President James Heller. The 12-part event took place four years after the series ended, where Bauer went from anti-terrorism agent to alleged terrorist, where his one-man revenge war in New York made him an enemy of both the United States and the Russians.

"['24']'s a wonderful franchise" Peter Rice, Chairman CEO of Fox Networks Group stated in July. "When you look at the show itself, it has many stories to tell. I think we need to sit down and talk to the creators."

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