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The Clinton's Household Manager and Chef opens up on their health

The truth + the truth = the truth. And after serving for 21 years in the US military - I'm reliable and trustworthy to not engage in the lies, filth or tricks about the Clinton's and who they REALLY are - inside their private home.

Many have asked about the creamy, Fettucine Alfredo I made one night for the Clinton's using all healthy ingredients, no milk, flour, cheese or butter.
Martin CJ Mongiello

NAME: Martin CJ Mongiello
HOUSES WORKED IN: The White House for Official State dinners and Aspen, the Clinton's private home at the Camp David Retreat and Conference Center on top of the mountain
DUTIES: The Butler, Executive Chef, Household Management, Presidential Aide, Bedroom Valet
TRAINING: Graduated from the International Culinary Schools at The Art Institute, Dean's List, Summa Cum Laude. Graduated numerous specialty programs including those held at The Culinary Institute of America and The Preventive Medicine Research Institute with Doctor Dean Ornish.
PRESENT OCCUPATION: Resort, Hotel, Household and Estate Management Consultant. Executive Chef at The Presidential Service Center and Presidential Culinary Museum. General Manager of The Inn of the Patriots

Yes, it’s true that President Clinton used to be filmed going into McDonalds and Krispy Kreme a lot, as well as enjoyed a hamburger now and then a bit too much. He'll tell you himself he ate fried chicken, Old South brand sweet pickled watermelon rind and so many more items like endless sweet teas made with white cane sugar. In 1993, when he had finished his medical exams (having just come into office as the new President) it was obvious to everyone with a stethoscope hanging around their neck that an immediate change of eating was in order. The evidence spoke loudly and the numbers never lie. That medical folder with his name on it got the attention of the Presidential Medical Team and anyone else wearing a white coat (both Doctors and Chefs) was ordered to protect the President's life. He could have had a massive coronary attack in 1994 had the immediate changes not been effectuated. The President himself has talked about this so many times!

Thus the White House Chef, Pierre Chambrin decided to resign. Pierre is a wonderful fellow; he just had no desire to be retaught as a Chef all over again. And who wants to work with seaweed, tempeh, seitan, tofu and things like those? In my case, I was excited about it up at Camp David, as the Executive Chef.

But let’s put an end to the whole idea of gooey glop being dumped on a plate or grool served in bowls. It never happened. Even the Washington Post has quoted me, my healthy ingredients, famed Creamy Fettucine Alfredo a la Healthy Version (photo featured above) and prepared a tofu cheesecake on their set - for the world to watch them eat (POST TV). And my articles have been featured in over 120 newspapers worldwide.

The fact of the matter is the lady who led Chelsea, the President and myself towards living healthier, having more stamina and increasing brain power was everyone’s soon to be favorite grand mom, the First Lady - now Secretary Clinton. "Momma," made the rules - and yes, she spoke kindly with any Chef, anytime and anywhere about anything - to make sure we felt good about cooking and farming, shopping and baking. While Doctor Ornish could teach us about what to do and how - Hillary was actually the healthy one inside the homes encouraging vitality, prevention, strength, energy and being active.

And this friend is the honest to God's truth. One looks no further for an example of heart healthy encouragement once she got the whole family motivated and on the right track. And I'll tell you one thing, it may have been the President back then that needed help - but this loving woman supported him every step of the way. And her repository of healthy activity is second to none.

I may live down here in the remote South, far removed from the massive cities and spires that jut into the skies of commerce, enjoying a peach under my Peachoid, true. And yes, Kevin Spacey in House of Cards is the face of our local populace, our savvy, IQ and what we are capable of in American politics. Locals near the Peachoid feel that if you are Hillary's personal Doctor, Household Manager or Chef then perhaps you can speak from years of direct experience.

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