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The Cleveland Browns training camp is ‘pads on’ for Monday and Tuesday

Wednesday is an off day but training camp will resume on thursday, August 31, 2014
Wednesday is an off day but training camp will resume on thursday, August 31, 2014
The Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are settling in with a strong training camp regimen this week as all the players fight for positions on the team. Tuesday saw the second day with pads which is fine with the players. Although tackling to the ground was prohibited it did give the players a chance to do some heavy “bumping” without being reckless and injuring each other during practice.

New this year is the implementation of a “rewards system” during practice to help break up the monotony of training camp and make practice situations feel more like a real game. Near the end of practice on Tuesday, Coach Pettine called for an 11-on-11 offense vs. defense mini-scrimmage. The goal was for the offense to gain 20 yards in three downs while the defense was tasked with stopping them in a best out of five series.

The defense won the first three out of four and was very verbal in their celebrations. Joe Haden even broke out in a victory dance. As a reward, the defense is allowed to wear orange jerseys during practice on Thursday plus they are 1-0 against the offense in the bragging rights category.

With the physical aspect being amped up it is only natural that emotions increase. What began as a small physical confrontation between Ben Tate and Ahtyba Ruben escalated into a larger rhubarb as offense and defense came to the aid of their teammates. Although not encouraged in any way, for the coaches this was a good sign showing that the team is already beginning to jell.

Following the practice, players and coaching staff were interviewed by the press.

RB Dion Lewis on whether he started camp at a disadvantage, coming off of rehabbing his leg after surgery last season:
“I feel like I'm right there. In the offseason I studied a lot. I was already in my book to make sure that I knew the offense inside and out.”

RB Dion Lewis on whether there is a spot for him in offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan’s system:
“It definitely is a whole different system, but we're out here competing. Everybody out here has a chance so I'm just out here making the most of my opportunities.”

RB Dion Lewis on the scrimmages between the offense and defense:
“Everybody is competing. When everybody is competing, it’s going to get a little heated. You know it’s all in fun. Everybody’s out here competing. It’s nothing personal. Everybody’s out there playing hard, and when you're playing hard, you want to beat the guy in front of you that’s all that is.”

RB Dion Lewis on whether the offense took exception to the way the defense was approaching things at practice today:
“Every day, our defense is going to come out physical. We know that so as a running back, you just have to defend yourself and be physical back. You can’t let them push you around so whenever you get a chance to be physical, you have to be physical with them and take the fight to them.”

RB Dion Lewis on being part of a new team and finding a comfort level:
“You just have to work hard. My confidence never went down. I just rehabbed hard this offseason and learned the playbook, and I’m comfortable now. You just have to do whatever the coach asks of you, taking coaching kindly and just keep pushing.”

WR Anthony Armstrong on what he makes of the physical altercations today at practice:
“You don't want anybody getting hurt, of course, but when you’re working hard and someone is getting driven back 10 yards, they're going to be upset. You shouldn't accept that, and on offense, if you're getting beat, you shouldn't accept someone doing that to you. Everybody is fighting, scratching and clawing. We want to make sure that we have a good practice before a day off. You don't want to have a step back, but hopefully, nobody gets hurt. The altercations aren't that bad.”

WR Anthony Armstrong on how comfortable he’s feeling with the offense:
“I obviously feel comfortable with the offense, but you know what? Every single day you've got to work, you've got to go out there and get better. You've got guys like (WR) Nate Burleson pushing, you’ve got (WR) Andrew Hawkins working really hard and you've got (WR) Miles Austin, Josh Gordon – the list goes on. Even the young guys – (WR) Willie Snead, Jonathan Krause – those guys are all pushing scratching and clawing to make plays, and you're trying to do the same to make sure that you can make plays. At the end of the day, the coaches make the decisions on who’s going to be in and you just hope that your name is called first.”

WR Anthony Armstrong on how confident he is on becoming an integral part of the offense:
“That’s my expectation regardless whether it’s with the first group (or) the second group. Whatever it is, I expect to go out there and make plays. You have to believe that if you’re doing the right things and you're making plays (and) putting stuff on tape, that you're going to get your number called. But that is like 40-some-odd days away that we play the (Pittsburgh) Steelers, and I just want to make sure that I'm on that 53 (man roster).”

WR Anthony Armstrong on if he feels that he has something to prove:
“Oh yeah… always. You always have something to prove. Even if you could be a Pro Bowler last year, you still have to prove that you can do it again this year. Being out of football last year, I’ve got to show that I can still play this game and play at a high level.”

WR Anthony Armstrong on whether team scuffles rally the offense together:
“It can rally you. At that point, it was kind of dull; it was kind of dragging, and I know that Nate (Burleson) went ahead and made a big block on a safety so that kind of got us going. Then you have a little fisticuffs going on out there and that gets everybody going, too. It just picks up that intensity, and it’s not a bad thing all of the time.”

DB Buster Skrine on if the feistiness at practice adds a little spice and makes it a more fun:
“Yeah, it does add a little spice. It cranks everything up a notch. Ultimately, we just don't want to get anybody hurt in a fight.”

DB Buster Skrine on the defense wanting to win the competition against the offense every day:
“That’s just the mentality we've been trying to keep, just be a dominant defense. We're just trying to be a playoff-type of defense.”

DB Buster Skrine on the defense winning the orange jerseys today by outperforming the offense:
“Yeah, (Head) Coach (Mike) Pettine and I said yesterday that the winning team gets the orange jerseys. We definitely didn't want to be on the side of the ball that didn't have the jerseys for the next day so we're definitely happy.”

DB Buster Skrine on how the defense seems more fired up than the offense:
“Yeah, I feel like, as a group, we’re all comfortable with each other. We talk every play. We’re just comfortable together as a defense. We have a good unit.”

DB Buster Skrine on incorporating a lot of non-verbal communication:
“Yeah, coaches preach communication. We're definitely trying to hide our signs and things like that so we're all on the same page.”

DB Buster Skrine on Head Coach Mike Pettine so far in training camp:
“I love him. I think everyone feels that way. Like I said, we're only four days in. The biggest thing is that we're coming in here, we're busting our butts. He holds us to a high standard. That’s how it should be, and it’s our job every day to try and match it.”

DB Buster Skrine on the fights at practice:
“Like I said, it’s part of the game. You'll get that in every training camp across the country: college, professional. It’s a competitive sport. Guys are hitting each other hard. We've got the pads on. It’s good for us.”

DB Buster Skrine on if he likes where he is right now four days into training camp:
“I try every day to come out and give my best, and that’s really the only goal I have throughout camp. At this point, I'm happy with it. I've just got to continue to do so. Like I said, working hard is my one and only focus throughout camp.”

DB Buster Skrine on if the offense is ready for an off day or it wants to go out and fix the mistakes after losing to the defense in a competition today:
“You want to be competitive. No one likes losing. If they're keeping score I want to win. That’s what Coach Pett says and that’s the way we need to adapt. Of course, we're upset about not getting the best of the defense, but it’s a long camp. We'll get our shot.”

DB Buster Skrine on if it’s tough as a receiver not knowing who will be throwing to you:
“No…not at this point. We have so much else left to worry about. That’s not really our concern. We've got to figure out these plays. We've got to figure out our rotation. We've got to figure out how to stay juiced up at the end of practice. We have so many other things on our minds that we're not really worried about that.”

DB Buster Skrine on when in training camp naming a starting quarterback becomes a factor for a wide receiver:
“Honestly, it’s out of our pay grade. Thank God I don't have to make those decisions [laughter]. I'll let them do their job, and I'll just be ready for whatever that is.”

DB Buster Skrine on if he takes pride in being one of the few veterans on special teams:
“Of course, that’s how I got here. Special teams is a lot of effort, and when I was first in the league, that was the way that I stuck around. I've kind of done it my whole career. It’s a part of who I am at this point.”

DB Donte Whitner on what winning the orange practice jerseys, given to the defense for out-performing the offense today, meant to him:
“Yeah, it means something. It kind of gives you the feel of a real football game. Towards the end of the football game when the game is tight muscles get tight, your muscles start to tense up a little bit. You understand that something is on the line. One play can cost you the football game. It kind of gives you that feeling a little bit. Coming out as a defense and responding the way that we did is a good first step, but that’s all it is – a first step. If we can come out tomorrow and do the same thing – not tomorrow because it’s an off-day, but the following day – then we'll start to do something. One day is OK, but we've got to put a string of them together.”

DB Donte Whitner on the secret to finishing, something he did well with San Francisco:
“Mental toughness. It’s just like that conditioning test. It was easy to run the first 10, the first 15, but when you get to the last five, four, three and two, you really see who wants to play football. It’s the same thing in the NFL. You can go out in the beginning of the game when you’re fresh and play well in the first quarter and the second quarter; you can come out at halftime and play well in the third quarter; but when it’s crunch time and the opposition is still running the football at you, the fullback is still hitting you, who’s going to fold? That’s where the good football teams rise to the occasion. They remain mentally tough. They understand what’s on the line. A long time ago, I learned if you put a lot of work into this game, it’s hard to surrender in the fourth quarter. That’s why we put so much work into the offseason so that in the fourth quarter, it’s hard to surrender those close games. That’s what we planned on doing this year.”

DB Donte Whitner on if he'll hold anything back in the scrimmage on Saturday:
“You don’t hold anything back, but you do understand that these are teammates and this is all that we have. You don't hit a defenseless guy. I don't think I would do what I do in a real football game because it’s my teammates and something could possibly happen. We need each and every guy, but you have to protect yourself. You've got to be locked in and play football.”

DB Donte Whitner on if RB Ben (Tate) threw the ball at him earlier or if he threw it at DL Ahtyba Rubin:
“I think he threw it at Rubin, but it’s OK. Throwing a football at someone never killed anybody. We had a little scuffle. We go in the locker room and shake hands and laugh together, but on the football field, we're not friends. Offense and defense, we're not friends.”

RB Ben Tate on how much ownership he takes in changing the culture since he’s been on a team that’s had some success:
“I feel like, especially in our room, all I can do right now is to control our room because I haven't really been here, but I am going to try and make my imprint on this team. We're not going to take anything from anybody. It’s time to change around here and it starts with attitude and mindset. I believe that at a position like running back, you can change the mindset. You can change the way things go in the game.”

Head Coach Mike Pettine on how the first day in pads went:
“First day in pads, I thought our guys were solid. I thought they were taking care of each other. You still don’t want to go to the ground. We're not going to cut block and tackle guys to the ground. We always talk in the meeting about being a good teammate. As much as you want to finish a guy, that’s something you don't want to do when we're all wearing the same logo. Overall, I thought it was a good start to our padded work, but I say that and then my opinion might be totally different 45 minutes from now.”

Head Coach Mike Pettine on how long it’s been since he’s been with a team that tackled players to the ground in practice:
“Every team I've been with, we've done it at some point. We've done it on our short yardage day, which will be this Thursday coming up. We will be live this Thursday for certain periods of the practice, but right now when we're in 11-on-11 and we do the inside yard drill, that will be thud. We're going to thud guys up but then drive them back there and let them go. We will have tackle-to-the-ground periods on Thursday and then in the scrimmage.”

Head Coach Mike Pettine on cross-training players and if he’s done this in other places:
“Yes, it’s part of the program. You just have to make sure that guys have their original position mastered or they're on their way to mastering it when they start to do some other things. When it’s a 53-man roster and all of the sudden it’s gameday and you've only got 46 guys up, you might only have three outside linebackers for two spots or three inside backers for two spots; you need a guy that can swing. Practice is the time to find out who can do what.”

Head Coach Mike Pettine on saying he really wanted to hear practice today and his takeaway from the day:
“It was a good start. I thought our guys were flying around. A lot of teams will just tag off in 11-on-11 or even the nine-on-nine work we did, but we want to get in the habit of thudding. I think tackling is the hardest thing defensively. You can't simulate it in practice. You can tackle a bag or tackle each other and simulate it, but there’s no substitute for live tackling. For obvious reasons, you don't want to do that. I think thud is the next closest thing where, ‘Hey, if I have an aggressive angle to a ball carrier, I’m going to go thud him up and wrap and drive him back and let him go and let those guys finish their runs. I think that’s important, and the better we get at that in practice, I think it will pay dividends in games.”

Head Coach Mike Pettine on if anything stood out on tape yesterday in regards to the quarterbacks:
“(QB) Brian (Hoyer), I thought, was sharper than he was the first day. (QB Johnny) Manziel was inconsistent, did some good things and then probably did some things he would have taken back. I think that’s just all part of it.”

Head Coach Mike Pettine on if he thinks Manziel’s biggest struggle is making reads:
“I just think it’s true of any rookie trying to learn an offense, especially the just difference in offenses there. It’s not just with him. I think it’s with all players. Some plays, you’re going to have some good ones; you're going to have some bad ones. You hope that you can minimize the bad ones. You have a learning moment on a certain play. You learn it. You tuck it away and you don’t make that mistake again. We tell our players that they're responsible for all the coaching points at their position. Even if Johnny made a mistake, Brian needs to make sure that he tucks that away and learn from it as well. That’s true at all positions.”

Head Coach Mike Pettine on if practice was tough enough for the Coach Mike Pettine Sr. today:
“No, or as (Jets Head Coach) Rex (Ryan) likes to call him, the real Coach Pettine when he would come into town [laughter]. I usually get about a page of notes a day sitting on my desk. He’s enjoying it. He sits in on the film sessions. It’s been great having him here.”

Head Coach Mike Pettine on how the hitting drills were like under Coach Pettine Sr. as a player:
“A little different, a little more old school.”

Head Coach Mike Pettine on if today’s practice was more intense:
“We challenged the guys last night in the meeting and in the meetings this morning. At times, the practice before a day off has a tendency to not be very good. We challenged them to come out and compete. We were going to build some competitive things into practice, as we did at the end. I thought our guys responded, kept them out through individual. Guys seemed to be focused. I thought the teamwork was sharp, as well.”

Head Coach Mike Pettine on the defense celebrating quite a bit at the end:
“It was a competitive period where the offense had to gain 20 yards. That was best out of five. The defense won three out of the first four. The reward is we have orange practice jerseys that the defense will wear on Thursday. We'll go back and forth. Hopefully, the jerseys – I know the D [defense] won't want to give them up – but I have a feeling that they'll hopefully bounce back and forth.”

Head Coach Mike Pettine on if it’s tough not to overreact when he sees the quarterbacks throwing interceptions in practice:
“I don’t react to that. I want to know the why. What is it? The DB just made a heck of a play or was it a misread by the quarterback? Was it a bad throw? Was it a missed route by a receiver? The route was maybe supposed to be flattened out and it wasn’t. There are reasons for it that I don't want to react too much as far as the content of the plays until I get a chance to study it on tape.”

Head Coach Mike Pettine on the orange jersey reward:
“It was something we had done in New York. We went with black then. I was going to go with black here, and decided when guys sweat heavy in brown, they turn black. I don't think anybody would have noticed. It was something we had experimented with there. It was an idea that I liked that I wanted to bring here.”

Head Coach Mike Pettine on why the Browns acquired Moore:
“We felt we had a need. We were a little nicked up. We have some veteran guys. He’s a guy that has played some quality minutes in the NFL, and we wanted to bring him in and see where he was and help with just our depth at that position. We have some older guys that we'd like to give some time off, too. We also have some guys that are coming off ACLs, and that can be a double-whammy. You rest those guys and now your veterans, it kind of has a ripple effect throughout the group. That’s why we wanted to look to add to that number.”

Head Coach Mike Pettine on if he feels like the defense really dominated today:
“To me, it’s just knee-jerk reaction, and then certainly, at the end, it was upper hand to the defense. I reminded them in the meetings that we’re going to do those competitions at the end, and this could have been the day where the offense dominated all day and the defense wins it at the end where it counted. We want to train our guys to know it doesn't matter what happens over the course of a game, we've got to make sure we can finish, whether it’s in practice finishing a drill at the end when we start doing our two-minute stuff, our red zone stuff. I think that’s important to realize. If I’m with a group who’s played well throughout the game, it still comes down to playing well at the end in virtually every NFL game.”

Head Coach Mike Pettine on the scuffle involving a lot of players:
“Yeah, it was a lot. You hate to see it, but it’s also teammates defending teammates. You go with unit pride first; then, it goes to your side of the ball; then, it goes to the whole team. When they see a guy that’s involved in something, they want to go help them out. I like the fact that everybody jumped in, but that can't be a habit that carries over to a game day. We're not going to be clearing benches.”

Head Coach Mike Pettine on every running play ending with two or three defenders trying to pry the ball loose and if that’s planned:
“Absolutely. To me, you look at the statistics in the league – what’s the biggest indicator of wins and losses? It’s the turnover ratio. We want to be one of those teams that takes the ball away and doesn't allow teams to take it away from us. I think as frustrating as it is for our running backs, it’s great practice for them having guys pulling at it and hacking at it, and it’s good for our guys defensively. It’s a habit like anything else. Hopefully, it will carry over to Sunday.”

Head Coach Mike Pettine on if the speed and competitiveness in the run drill where Tate got fired up is what he’s looking for:
“I liked the way both sides of the ball attacked each other. It’s not a great drill for the offense. The wide receivers are tied into the run game. There are certain calls that Kyle (Shanahan) can’t make in that, but to me, that drill was more for the mentality. It’s a defensive drill. We don't get exotic defensively. We line up in basic fronts and our guys just roll off. Defensively, let’s see if we can knock a guy back and make a play. Offensively, you're playing against a unit that knows its run. If we can run the ball in that period, then we'll be able to run the ball against anybody.”

Head Coach Mike Pettine on if the players having the day off tomorrow means they're completely off:
“It is. By the rules, you can't have a curfew the night before, and they have to be in by 10:30 p.m. the following night. We'll have some off days that have meetings later in the day, but they don't count in the league’s eyes as a true day off.”
OL Joe Thomas

OL Joe Thomason on if he can feel an emphasis on the running game this season:
“Yeah, there’s definitely going to be a big emphasis on the running game. The offense that (offensive coordinator) Kyle Shanahan brings here has traditionally always been kind of a run-first offense, going way back to when they were in Denver and it was being run in Houston. It’s not like it’s going to be 80/20 run-pass, but it’s going to be closer to 50/50 run-pass mix than we've ever seen since I've been here, I think.

OL Joe Thomason on getting days off from training camp:
“Yeah, it’s kind of nice. I’m like the ( Browns beat writer) Tony Grossi of the offensive line now [laughter].”

OL Joe Thomason on the optimism of training camp and the mentality he takes into it:
“My mentality is always going to be the same. I'm always trying to do everything I can to get myself ready to be at my best during the season to help our team, obviously, do as well as we can from my little vantage point at left tackle. I think the optimism that is around this team right now, that the fans and the players and the coaches have is probably one of the bigger amounts of optimism that I've seen going into a season based on the talent that we're building on defense and offense and the drafts that (Browns General Manager) Ray Farmer has put together. I think there’s a sense that things are starting to click.”

OL Joe Thomason on Head Coach Mike Pettine saying the team needs to get tougher:
“I wouldn't say we weren't tough in the past or we were super tough or anything like that. I just think that’s going to be his nature, and that’s the type of team he wants to build. The way I look at it is that this is a new team this year. The tough mentality that he’s going to build and bring here, I think, is going to be great for us.”

OL Joe Thomason on his take on QBs Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel and the quarterback competition:
“I think they're both doing a great job competing. I think they're both going about it the right way. It seems like, so far, both guys have done a good job preparing themselves. It'll be fun to see how it plays out, but definitely it seems like it’s an open competition.”

OL Joe Thomason on what the challenges of being an offensive lineman are with Manziel’s style of play:
“It’s kind of like the read-option. You don't know where he’s going to be a lot of times when the play breaks down. It makes it difficult to try to block for a spot, which is kind of what you're used to doing. Sometimes busts become the biggest plays you have when you have a guy running free. All of a sudden, Manziel’s running out of the pocket, throwing a ball downfield. It’s a lot like playing (Steelers QB) Ben Roethlisberger. A lot of times, the biggest plays that they've had in the past were ones where we had defensive guys running free to the quarterback but can’t get him down. Then, he breaks out of the pocket and he extends the play. Now, defensive backs have to cover their guy for six or seven seconds which doesn't happen and then you get the big chunk down the field.”

DB Justin Gilbert on taking care of himself:
“I’m just trying to take care of my body and act like a vet. I've been asking those guys what they do to take care of themselves. I've been doing that a lot.”

DB Justin Gilbert on how important it is to him to be the starter when the Browns start the season at Pittsburgh:
“Right now, I'm really just worried about getting a better feel for the defensive. Whether it’s me or (DB) Buster (Skrine) or any other cornerback in the room, as long as we win it, that’s what’s important to me.”

DB Justin Gilbert on if today was a good day because the pads went on:
“It was better than yesterday, better than the last two days being able to get hands on receivers, reroute them at the line, to be able to play more like I want to play and be more physical at the line of scrimmage.”

DB Justin Gilbert on if he feels like he got off to a slower start than he wanted to:
“No, I just always keep it in my head that I'm getting better every day.”

DB Justin Gilbert on keeping up with WR Andrew Hawkins and if he thinks he surprises guys with his speed:
“I think people already know about my speed, so I don't think it’s really a surprise. Some guys surprise me with their speed when I misjudge them, so I’ve got to play everybody honest.”

DB Justin Gilbert on how valuable it is to get the opportunity to line up against WR Josh Gordon in practice:
“I take a lot of pride in it. Every time I line up against him I want to win because I know he’s a Pro Bowl-type receiver. Any chance I can get my hands on him to work the best part of my game and the weak part of my game, I want to take the opportunity to do that.”

TE Jordan Cameron on if he feels like he can pick up where he left off last season:
“Yeah, I have a lot of work to do. I don't think I'm anywhere near where I could be. I’m still young in this game. I've been playing real football for about three and a half years now. It’s a lot to learn and I'm willing to do it. It’s exciting for me going forward, and I've got a lot to prove to myself.”

TE Jordan Cameron on the first day in full pads and how Head Coach Mike Pettine was excited for practice today:
“Yeah, coaches like to jack it up, and it’s a good environment to get used to. For the new guys, it’s kind of their first time hitting in the NFL. It was a good energy today and you can't ask for more than that.”

TE Jordan Cameron on how QB Johnny Manziel is doing:
“He’s doing good. It’s fun to watch him. He’s one of those guys that bring a lot of energy. People feed off him, and he’s an exciting player.”

TE Jordan Cameron on if he will feel more pressure if Gordon is suspended because he might be targeted more:
“No. You want that. You want more targets, if that’s what it’s going to be. Like I said, I’m not even thinking about that right now. It’s Day 1 of camp, and when that time comes we'll worry about it then. You can’t worry about what you can’t control.”

TE Jordan Cameron on if he feels differently at the beginning of this camp than he did at this time last year:
“Yeah, last year I was kind of unproven. People didn’t know if I could do it. There was a lot of doubt concerning if I could stay on the field, if I could make the plays, that the athleticism would meet the potential. This year, I have a lot more confidence knowing I could do it and make the plays and my teammates can rely on me. It’s kind of a weight off my shoulders, not worrying. I was confident, but there was like ‘Can I do this?’ Now, it’s pretty concrete that I can make things happen.”

TE Jordan Cameron on what he thinks of the receiving corps, not considering Gordon:
“They're doing great. You saw (WR) Miles (Austin) today had a bunch of catches. (WR Nate) Burleson’s the same way. They're bringing a lot of leadership to the room and to the team. It’s huge to have that and they'll find ways to fill the void that Josh; if he’s gone, they'll find ways to fill that.”

TE Jordan Cameron on if he feels like he’s a bigger target now that people are aware of what he’s capable of:
“Maybe. They should. If they don't – I don't know – watch more film. We'll see how it goes as the season progresses, the looks I’m going to get. Like I said, Kyle is a smart guy. He'll figure out ways to move me around or whatever it may be.”

TE Jordan Cameron on how Hoyer has been practicing:
“He’s doing good. It’s exciting to see him get these reps. In the spring he was limited, and he’s looking great. There are no problems with the knee, and he’s out here competing. He’s a fiery guy. If you watch him practice, he’s always pushing the tempo. Like I was just saying earlier, it’s contagious and guys feed off that and it gets us going.”

TE Jordan Cameron on whether he had an opportunity to celebrate his performance from last season:
“Not really, I mean, when you're losing, it’s not fun. It’s hard to enjoy personal success when the team is not doing well. That’s obviously the goal this year – to get the team going and get some wins because it will make everything feel a lot better.”

TE Jordan Cameron on different coverages he faces pending on his alignment:
“It all depends on the defense and the coverages they have. It doesn't really matter who they put in front of you. You've got to make the play. It can be a corner, a safety, just go make the play is what my mindset is.”

TE Jordan Cameron on facing his team’s defensive front during training camp:
“They're definitely making us a lot better. They do a lot. They have a lot of moving parts. They disguise a lot. It’s tough. They’re making it really hard on us, but it’s going to make us a lot better football team and it’s going to make me a lot better player.”

TE Jordan Cameron on being in pads for the first time this training camp:
“It was good, a lot of energy today. Guys were flying around, but we were taking care of each other. No one was being reckless out there. It was definitely a positive day and it got better. That’s all you could ask for the first day of camp with pads.”
LBs Coach Chuck Driesbach

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