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The Classiest Player in the NFL | Colin Kaepernick

The Classiest Player in the NFL
The Classiest Player in the NFL

When you have Class you always WIN
The NFC Championship was exciting during all four quarters! All of the commercials and the promotion especially from Beats by Dre, kept us all going and rooting for our team! I was personally rooting for the San Francisco 49ers being that I am a Bay Area Native, a member of Delta Sigma Theta and I LOVE the Nupes(the Fraternity that Colin Kaepernick is a member of)...and I just basically hate the uniforms that the Seattle Seahawks wear. So the 49ers it was.

The game was pretty ruthless, in my mind and on my television there were a lot of bad calls. A lot of ill called first downs, and a touchdown that should have been counted. That bad call by the "Referee's"(I use the term loosely)...caused an injury that could have potentially cost the 49ers the game. It just ended up being a messy game. The 49ers were defeated by a final interception. Of course the internet and the world was wild with their opinions of the game. You know that I joined in as well.

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Today as I was trying to ignore all of the negative comments about the 49ers ( I was a little sore) I saw this video of Colin Kaepernick taking the blame for the loss of the game. I was so impressed with his humble sense of dignity and his goal to to better next year.

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"I didn't play good enough to win, I turned the ball over three times. I cost us that game."

said Quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who engineered most of the 49ers offense in the first three quarters of play.

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I was so impressed and thought to myself,

"For a young man, he displayed so much class in how he handled defeat."

Most of us cannot handle losing with so much panache and clearly winning can bring out the worst in us as displayed by some members of the winning team as well as a few fans.

The lesson is to always take full responsibility of your own actions-even when it does not feel good. Kaepernick will always have lots of endorsements-and more than just Beats by Dre. His humble behavior, good looks and excellent athletic skill will see to him being one of the most well-paid and well liked athletes in the NBA.

While Black Men are regularly famous for the negative it is so refreshing for a young Black man to be catapulted to media fame with such a humble and peaceful spirit and such a sense of class. A great legacy from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Bravo Colin Kaepernick!
You are the man.

Yours in Class,
Sharelle D. Lowery
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