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The Civil Wars say goodbye to Jay Leno

Joy Williams of The Civil Wars tweeted this sweet goodbye to Jay Leno
Joy Williams of The Civil Wars tweeted this sweet goodbye to Jay Leno
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The Civil Wars member Joy Williams has added her voice to those saying goodbye to Jay Leno. After a 22 year run, Jay Leno stood up from the famous “Tonight Show” desk for the last time on Thursday night, February 6. Since then, Twitter has lit up with messages of thanks and well wishes for years of laughter and entertainment. On February 8, The Civil Wars’ Joy Williams spoke on behalf of the duo.

She tweeted:

Dear @jayleno, you were the first to give @thecivilwars a chance to play live on TV. I'll always be grateful. - Joy

As has come to be expected, the other half of the duo, John Paul White, has remained silent. Though the singer did come out of the woodwork to accept The Civil Wars GRAMMY Award in January, he’s been silent again since apologizing via Twitter for not thanking his partner, Joy Williams, in the acceptance speech for their award.

Whatever is going on with this duo doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon. Since they canceled their tour in 2012, John Paul White has been all but invisible, while Joy Williams has said that she hopes they can have a reconciliation.

Meanwhile, Joy Williams seems to be trying to keep in contact with the world. In addition to offering her thanks to Jay Leno, she used Twitter to say she’s back in the studio. Whether or not The Civil Wars ever make it back to the “Tonight Show”–or any show–perhaps fans will at least get to enjoy new music from the female half of what once was a brilliant duo.

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