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The city of Raleigh bans dogs from public playgrounds, considers more bans

The Raleigh, NC city council voted Tuesday to ban dogs from city playgrounds after a small fenced in playground was being used as a dog park.

German shepherd puppy enjoying playground equipment.Dogs enjoy playing in the playgrounds, but more are not allowing dogs. Dog parks are a great option as they provide the needed stimulation and enjoyment for dogs.
by Ildar Sagdejev from wikipedia
Dog enjoying playground
by skycaptaintwo from flickr

The council is also considering more widespread bans of city parks, athletic fields and ball fields within the city. Under consideration was the suggestion that retractable leashes be banned as well in parks and green ways where bicyclists and joggers can get snagged. They would still be allowed in more open areas.

Raleigh only has three public dog parks that allow dogs off leash. They are Millbrook Dog Park (1905 Spring Forest Rd), Carolina Pines Dog Park (2305 Lake Wheeler Road,) and Oakwood Dog Park, (910 Brookside Drive). See the individual links for information about the parks.

The council has the Parks & Recreation Dept. looking into possible location for additional dog parks as well as considering increasing fines for breaking existing laws.

So for now the best thing to do is keep your pets away from playgrounds. Clean up after your pets. This is a necessity to prevent wide sweeping bans such as they could end up passing. Stick to existing dog parks and areas that are allowed for animals.

Nothing is off the table yet. Discussion is held over until future meetings awaiting facts being gathered.

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