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"The City of Brotherly Love" A Call to Action

As a lifelong Philadelphian, residing now in our Nation's Capitol of Washington DC, there exist... today - Right Now a Call to Action. Philadelphia - nicknamed "The City of Brotherly Love," has always been a staple of ingenuity, creativity and colorful imagery when referring to its grandeur and personality. It is a rare and exciting city - full of diverse cultures i.e. music, art, and historic-relevancy concerning Civil Rights and The Current State of Affairs for Black America. Philadelphia plays home to some of the most intriguing people, activist, musicians, artist, athletes, academics, officials and community leaders - who continue to spur community-wide camaraderie and support - even in the midst of some of the worst violent episodes in Philadelphia's history. As a member of the press, I decided to become a professional writer - among other serious professions - to hold on to Humanity for Humanities sake, while encouraging my own colleagues and constituents to work toward uplifting the greater community by instigating a balance of reporting on the issues. In most instances, I too delve into the realities of our communities' positives or negatives - where I personally wanted to offer a different perspective.

Seemingly enough, I began creating a niche for myself, as I continue to write about solutions (DC Crime Prevention Examiner) to many of our individual and community-wide issues, alongside those who are organizing around erecting positive changes in the communities we live, work and play! To have an even deeper impact, I also wanted to highlight those of us - on the Frontlines of Revolution - in spite of an entire culture of negative publicity, especially publicity depicting urban violence without balance concerning its content to the contrary, in describing such commonalities. I wanted to dive into those who are challenging the norms, status quo's and dysfunctions that are depressing and most certainly, negative in their descriptions, without sacrificing integrity along way. After speaking with one of the organizers of the Father's Day Rally Committee, this note follows...

A Call to Action

An Open Letter from Will Latif Little,

"Just one week after the Father's Day Rally Committee (FDRC) sponsored a rally at the corner of Germantown and Allegheny Avenue in Philadelphia to support the family of the three young children who lose their lives to an automobile accident associated with criminal activity, we have lost yet another one of our children on Friday night in a senseless shooting. I have stated very clearly that we as a community have to take full responsibly of all the children , if we and they intend to survive in these trouble times. Too many our children are in harm's way every day, and unless we take action now, many more will become victims of the violence of our communities.

FDRC along with the following groups:

Ever Murder is Real, RFP, Unity in the Community, Philadelphia Town Watch, One Day at a Time, Handbags for Peace, House of Umoja, Philadelphia Action Network, and many more will sponsor a rally on Thursday, August 7 at 6 PM at Love Park, 15th JFK Boulevard to keep the issues of our children's welfare at the top of this city's agenda. The Rally will start with activists marching from three separate parts of the city. Marchers will be coming from South Philly, starting at the .corner of 15th and Washington Avenue and proceed north to Love Park; North Philly marchers will come down Board Street leaving from Progress Plaza, Board and Oxford Streets to Love Park and West Philly marchers will leave from 22nd and Market Street to Love Park. At Love Park a rally will be held with speakers providing more information, and an action plan with proposed solutions will be presented to the people to take action in their neighborhoods across the city.

Examples of this kind of camaraderie and showmanship residents in Philadelphia are showing to prove that; there is light at the end of the tunnel in the "City of Brotherly Love." Having a firm stance on gun violence and the various inconsistencies surrounding a healthier more vibrant community - once and for all is underway.

A Call to Action is Underway!!!

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