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"The City" includes East Contra Costa County

Contra Costa County
Contra Costa County
The county

Some people who commute to San Francisco and Oakland everyday live in East Contra Costa County, which is Bay Point/West Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Antioch, Brentwood, Oakley, Discovery Bay, Bethel Island, Knightsen, and Byron. Some people would say that it also includes part of Concord.

Many years ago their local economies were industrial and agricultural. There are still a few large manufacturers but for the most part they are now bedroom communities without an anchor industry. For example, they don't have a large high tech sector, or a pharmaceutical sector, or a financial district. Nearly all of the private sector jobs are in retail and food service.

Despite the lack of good jobs families have a good reason to move there: Affordable housing. In 2009 when the foreclosure rate was out of control, one could buy a 2,200 square foot house one of Antioch's newer neighborhoods for $285,000.

The population boom created more health care jobs, and as a result the two largest private sector employers in Antioch are Kaiser Permanente and Sutter Delta Medical Center.

Is it safe? No. It's true that it's a family oriented community and that the newer track subdivisions are squeaky clean with luxury vehicles in every driveway, but at the same time, Deer Valley High School has students who commit violent crimes and they have huge fights in the FoodMaxx parking lot a few blocks away. The Antioch police arrive within a few minutes.

BART plans to build a train station in Antioch, to be completed in 2016. Certainly it will make the residents' commute much easier. To read about it click on this link.

Rumor has it that Antioch residents are worried that the easier commute will attract new residents and cause another population boom, and they're also worried that the new residents will come from high crime neighborhoods in West Oakland and Richmond. They're afraid that the new kids will commit violent crimes and malicious mischief in their schools. The only people who would know whether their fear is valid would be the school administrators and police in West Oakland and Richmond.

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