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'The Citizen' true-story movie possibly based on Faisal Ulvie

based on a true story
based on a true story

"The Citizen" is a true-story movie possibly based on Kickboxer Faisal Ulvie. It is also inspired by other true events. The movie debuted in 2013. It is directed by Sam Kadi and written by Jazmen Darnell Brown and Sam Kadi. The cast stars: Khaled Nabawy, Rizwan Manji and Agnes Bruckner, according to the New York Times.

"The Citizen" synopsis/plot

When Arab- Lebanese immigrant Ibrahim finally wins the American green card lottery after playing for 12 years, he is excited that he'll have a chance to start a new life in America.The problem is that he arrives in New York City exactly one day before the September 11th (9/11) attacks. Ibrahim quickly learns what it means to be an Arab immigrant in the United States. Will he survive the harsh treatment and become an American citizen?

According to Director Sam Kadi, the movie is based on a true story and other actual events. Traciy Curry-Reyes of the Movies Based On True Stories Archives says the plot sounds similar to the Faisal Ulvie case. Faisal Ulvie was a Pakistani immigrant who was detained by immigration after the 9/11 attacks. It took two years and a very public court case in New York for an immigration judge to offer him a green card, according to Democracy Now.

The other events in the movie were based on a number of cases involving Arab and Muslim men who were rounded up and jailed after the September 11th attacks.

"The Citizen" is available to watch online at

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