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the circle of (your backpack's) life

reduce, reuse, recycle
reduce, reuse, recycle

Real Simple has created a tips for how to recycle everything--a to z.  Some atypical samplings include

How to recycle a backpack:  The American Birding Association accepts donated backpacks, which its scientists use while tracking neotropical birds

Food processors. Some communities accept small household appliances for recycling?if not in curbside collection, then in drop-off locations. (New York City will even pick up appliances left on the sidewalk.) “If an appliance is more than 50 percent metal, it is recyclable,” says Kathy Dawkins, director of public information for New York City’s Department of Sanitation. Most appliances are about 75 percent steel, according to the Steel Recycling Institute. So unless you know something is mostly plastic, it will probably qualify.

Notebooks (spiral): It may seem weird to toss a metal-bound notebook into the paper recycling, but worry not?the machinery will pull out smaller nonpaper items. One caveat: If the cover is plastic, rip that off, it’s a larger contaminant.