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‘The Chub’ waddles onto iOS and Android

The Chub on iOS and Android
The Chub on iOS and Android
Vain Media

“Those who forget the pasta must reheat it.”

That’s just one of the many wise quotes from The Chub on iOS and Android.

The Chub, named for the game’s main character, is a unique take on an endless runner with simple tilt-to-turn controls — though the developer refers to it as more of a “waddler” than a runner. The goal is to navigate a fat guy through the kitchens of Hell while eating everything in sight.

Despite its simple controls and straightforward concept, The Chub offers gamers a great challenge. The obstacles can be tough to avoid, and there are several pitfalls in every level.

Users must avoid buzzsaws, knives, giant bumblebees, evil chef’s wielding rolling pins, burning coals and more on their way to eating everything in Hell.

The Chub features six “Appetizer” levels and 12 “Entree” levels, which is a lot of content for a high-quality free game. There’s also an in-app purchase of $1.99 for 12 “Dessert” levels.

Gamers looking for a challenging runner they can play with one hand will definitely be satisfied with The Chub. The game’s humor teeters between juvenile and clever, so it’s good for a few laughs, too.

If you’re interested in The Chub’s full storyline:

The Chub follows a fleshy protagonist who choked to death on a double cheeseburger and was too heavy to get carried into Heaven. So, he was dropped into Hell, and now he’s eating everything in Satan’s kitchen. No word yet on whether or not it’s based on a true story.

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