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"The Christmas Sweater" tops the NY Times Best Sellers list for children


At the top of the NY Times Best Sellers List for children is the new adaptation of Glen Beck’s The Christmas Sweater adapted by Chris Schoebinger and illustrated by Brandon Dorman. Even if you haven't read the first version, you will surely want to get this book for your children this Christmas. It is a story about a boy who wants a bike for Christmas, but instead his mother knits a sweater for him. You can imagine his disappointment, but he learns that Christmas isn’t about the material things; it has a deeper meaning.

As Christmas grows near, we can all use a reminder that the material things are not what it is all about. In today’s commercialized world, children can easily get the wrong ideas. In fact, we can all easily forget while we are rushing around trying to prepare for the holidays. So pick up a book this Christmas with a great message, and read it aloud to your children. This book is a reminder that at its core, Christmas is about love. (Check out John 3:16 if you have any doubts).

If you want to hear what inspired Glen Beck to write the original book, The Christmas Sweater, as well as listen to some Christmas carols and inspirational stories, get some tickets for “Glenn Beck’s Christmas Sweater: A Return To Redemptionat the Colorado Springs Cinemark Theater (3305 Cinema Point). The original simulcast will be on Dec 3rd, and an encore presentation (prerecorded) will be shown on Dec 10th, both at 6:00pm. This is not a movie, and it will be given only at select theaters, so you may want to get your tickets early.