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The ‘Chopped’ judges: Who is your favorite?

'Chopped' judges Geoffrey Zakarian, Marcus Samuelsson, and Aaron Sanchez
'Chopped' judges Geoffrey Zakarian, Marcus Samuelsson, and Aaron Sanchez
Courtesy of Food Network

Chopped” would not be “Chopped” without its esteemed panel of judges. Each episode has three of the following nine regular judges to review and critique the contestants’ concoctions each episode.

Aaron Sanchez
Known for his contemporary Latin cuisine, Sanchez is a restaurateur, entrepreneur, author, spokesperson, and consultant. In addition to his appearances on “Chopped”, he can also be seen on Food Network’s “Heat Seekers”.

Alexandra Guarnaschelli
Winner of “The Next Iron Chef: Redemption”, Guarnaschelli is not only a chef but a chef-instructor as well. She has made quite a name for herself with her eclectic American inspired dishes and can be also be seen on “The Cooking Loft” and “Alex's Day Off”.

Amanda Freitag
Freitag has learned from and cooked with some amazing chefs to perfect her craft such as Alain Passard and Tom Valenti. She has battled chefs on three television shows and can be seen often on Cooking Channel’s “Unique Eats”.

Chris Santos
Santos became an executive chef at the young age of 23. He opened The Stanton Social and Beauty and the Essex both serving his small-plated masterpieces.

Geoffrey Zakarian
Chef of modern American cuisine, Zakarian has overseen several kitchens and opened a few restaurants as well. He was not only on “Chopped All-Stars” and “Iron Chef America”, but has a widely praised cookbook.

Maneet Chauhan
Chauhan has been successful in starting her career young and working her way to the top. A large supporter of culinary education and many charities, she is an author, a mentor, a volunteer and a restaurateur.

Marc Murphy
Growing up around the world, Murphy opened several restaurants that fall under the Benchmarc Restaurants brand. Spokesperson, board member, and television personality, Murphy’s contemporary cuisine is also part of Benchmarc Restaurants’ catering offerings.

Marcus Samuelsson
In addition to being a celebrated chef, Samuelsson is a restaurateur, author, television personality and philanthropist. In addition to appearing on “Chopped” and other Food Network shows Samuelsson debuted his own television show, “The Inner Chef” on Discovery Network.

Scott Conant
Restaurateur, chef and cookbook author, Conant has opened many award-winning restaurants. Conant’s interpretations of Italian cuisine have won him rave reviews.

All nine “Chopped” judges are stars in their own right. Do you have a favorite or do you just love them all?

“Chopped” airs Tuesdays and Thursdays on Food Network.