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'The Choking Game' on Lifetime to shed light on dangerous game

Freya Tingley
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

Tonight a new movie is coming to Lifetime. This is one you should probably watch with your children too. It is called "The Choking Game" and will shed some light on this scary game that teenagers think is okay to play. On Saturday, News Observer shared about this movie and that is a must see for your Saturday night.

In this film, a young girl will try to get popular by starting to play this game. She has no idea that is putting her life in danger. The girl just simply thinks that it is fun and a way to fit in, but it is so much more than that. It is based on a book called "Choke" which was written by Diana Lopez. This movie stars Freya Tingley and Peri Gilpin.

Extra TV shared a first look at this new movie. It is being reported that 1 in 16 kids have tried out this game and 1,000 of them die from it every single year. It is where kids actually choke themselves to get a high by cutting off their oxygen.

A new girl named Nina shows up at school and she got kicked out of her last school. They start playing this game and one girl who already went to school there wants to get to know her. They call it a way to actually give you a little boost. This game was bigger than booze at her old school. Of course they know that their parents won't like it but that isn't going to stop them from doing it. An ambulance even shows up.

"The Choking Game" will premiere tonight at 7 p.m. CST in the Oklahoma City area. It will air on Lifetime. This movie will replay throughout the week if you miss the first showing. Make sure you DVR it and if you have teenagers have them watch this one with you so they understand the dangers of this game.

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