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The choice is clear in the Ontario election

The similarities between the Ontario and Canadian electoral pictures are striking: Both feature a scandal-plagued incumbent government that's growing long in the tooth and whose post-recession fiscal performance has been on the poor end of mediocre.

However, whereas the rest of the country has another year and a half to decide who they want to be in charge, we in Ontario are not so lucky. So, what are the alternatives?

The Liberal Party of Ontario has been in power since 2003 and is currently facing intense backlash due to the scandal surrounding the gas plant cancellation. In addition their fiscal management has been less than stellar and Ontario's recovery from the recession has been slow. They do not deserve your vote.

The NDP last led the province from 1990-1995 and nearly ran it into the ground. Nineteen years isn't quite enough time in the wilderness to pay for the destruction they wrought; maybe next time. So, they don't deserve your vote.

The Progressive Conservative Party was last in power from 1995-2003, during which time they cut services and re-balanced the budget, but were later accused of cooking the books. They do not deserve your vote until 2098, when the 99-year lease on the 407 runs out.

The Green Party of Ontario also exists.

With the major parties undeserving of your vote, there is really only one viable alternative: Minor parties. Almost every riding will have at least one minor party candidate running, and it's not like they could do a worse job than the chuckleheads we've had running the show for the past few decades.

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