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The Chocolate King Elected President Of Ukraine

The Chocolate King Elected President Of Ukraine
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Petro Poroshenko is President elect of the Ukraine with a 55% total of the vote.This means that there will not be a run-off. Poroshenko was born on September 26,1965. He was raised in Vinnytsia and would go on to graduate with a degree in economics from Kiev State University in 1989.

Poroshenko would eventually land in the cocoa bean business. It would be from here that he would take over several confectionery businesses and would form the Roshen Group. He would also go on to own a TV station, shipyard, and several car and bus plants.

In 1998, Petro Poroshenko would be elected to parliament and it would be from here that he would eventually hold several cabinet posts under President Viktor Yuschenko. He would hold the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2009-2010. Poroshenko would also hold the position of Minister of Trade and Economic Development in 2012.

The "Chocolate King" of the Ukraine was elected this past Sunday to be the office of President of the Ukraine. This billionaire stated that if elected President that he would be honest and sell off the Roshen Group. Ranked at 1,153 on the Forbes Billionaire list it would not hurt him in any way to sell off the Roshen Group.

Petro Poroshenko's first duties as President will be to get Eastern Ukraine and the separatists under control. It seems Putin is going to try to work with Poroshenko and it would be in both their interests as Poroshenko has business interest in Russia. Poroshenko does lean toward the European Union but he also understands that Putin will always want to be included in the process. With Putin and Poroshenko at least talking with each other, the separatists will lose political clout without Putin behind them. In time, Eastern Ukraine would become a thing of the past and all would be working on the same page.

Poroshenko is a businessman and understands the workings of the region probably better than most. Given a proper chance he could bring all the conflict of the past few months under control and without blood shed. Looking forward to the future again.